United History

1928 - Return Loads Service, Inc. formed in Cleveland, Ohio to arrange return shipments for independent moving companies transporting goods from one city to another. When similar companies began appearing around the country, the Cleveland firm adopted the distinctive title United Van Service.

1933 - After the depression, United was unable to keep up service with depleted revenues. So in June 1933, United Van Service was dissolved and its assets were transferred to a new entity incorporated as United Van Lines.

1941 - The prosperous new firm moved its headquarters to St. Louis, Missouri.

1947 - Ownership of United passed from the few original Shareholders to a larger group of United agents, establishing the structure that has remained intact for more than six decades.

1954 - Electronic order registration and dispatch introduced to the industry by United.

1975 - Control of shipments and trucks goes online and is directly linked to a central United computer.

1988 - UniGroup, Inc., United's holding company, is formed due to changes within the moving industry in the 80s.

1992 - United becomes #1 in market share and has maintained its #1 position ever since.

1995 - United had its first billion-dollar revenue year and has continued to grow and increase market share ever since.

Today - United is #1 in market share and the only major van line that has retained its original ownership structure throughout its existence.

Never content to be a follower, United has consistently taken a leadership role in the moving industry.

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