In 2017, moving for a new job was the most popular reason to move in U.S.

As people uproot to start new chapters in their lives, a new job, family considerations and retirement remain the leading forces behind the need to move.

United Van Lines’ 41st Annual National Movers Study tracks customers’ state-to-state migration patterns over the past year, as well as the prevailing reasons behind relocation. United’s data shows the top three reasons nationally for relocation in 2017 were a new job or company transfer (55 percent), to be closer to family (21 percent) and retirement (17 percent).

Getting a new job continues to be the most popular reason to relocate, this year, the Midwest saw an increase in new residents relocating for new jobs.

Moving for Work

Meanwhile, the Southern region saw the largest percentage of people leaving the region for work-related reasons (61 percent).

Moving for Family

The Midwest region saw the greatest influx from migration as a result of moving closer to family, with 27 percent stating that as the reason for their move. 

Moving for Retirement

25 percent of those headed to the Mountain West stated retirement as the reason, surpassing the South (20 percent), which traditionally is a popular retirement region.

To view more U.S. moving trends for 2017, view the interactive map below and visit our United's 2017 Annual Mover's Study page. 

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