International Property Protection

As a leader in relocation services, United is one of the most recommended movers in the industry. In conjunction with international partners UniGroup Relocation and Sterling Relocation, we safely move thousands of households yearly without reported damage or loss.

Despite our high standards and best intentions, the millions of miles traveled by truck, rail, ship and plane add up to a reasonable expectation of risk. For this reason, we recommend that each transferee purchase Global Property Protection to ensure their goods can be repaired or replaced in the unlikely event of an incident.

United offers several standard Global Property Protection options. Please consider your valuation carefully before you make your selection.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our flexible protection plans allow you to select your preferred type of coverage with additional options to separately cover mold damage, electronic malfunctions, furniture sets and high-value items.

Weight Multiplier (Lump Sum) Protection

United recommends the Weight Multiplier (Lump Sum) Protection for most international moves. This option covers your entire household shipment at a standard rate per pound of cargo. With a minimum limit of $10 U.S. per pound, the average international household shipment achieves a calculated value of approximately $15 U.S. per pound. You may choose to raise or lower your coverage depending on your personal valuation.

If you choose to cover your goods at a rate higher than $15 U.S., there is no additional cost for the optional coverage of mold and mildew, electronic malfunction and replacement of non-damaged matching items in pairs and sets.

Itemized Inventory Protection

If you have taken time to carefully inventory your belongings, the Itemized Inventory Protection may provide more comprehensive coverage. With this option, items are declared, inventoried, valued and covered at individual rates.
Please note that with this option your level of protection is based on the value of the items declared. If items are not declared, no protection is afforded to them. The total of all values listed is the total amount of the protection.

High-Value Item Protection

Every international transferee is required to declare an inventory of goods valued at $1,500 or greater. These items receive special handling and are protected over and above the shipment’s valuation regardless the method of coverage.

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