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In the event of unforeseen loss or damage during your move, United includes its basic Full Value Protection option in every initial moving quote. What does this mean for you?

Full Value Protection v. Moving Insurance

United’s basic Full Value Protection plan is designed to compensate you if something happens to your belongings that we are moving for you during the moving process. Subject to important conditions, we can repair items that have been damaged and replace items that are not repairable or have been lost, up to a minimum amount that you declare*. Our aim is to make things right in the event of the unexpected. However, our Full Value Protection option is not insurance, like the insurance coverages that may be provided by your homeowners policy, because you don’t have to prove our negligence caused the loss or damage. Instead, subject to certain limits, we will be responsible for your claims; our Full Value Protection option reflects the monetary value of that responsibility. Insurance is a very different legal transaction and with different policy terms are different across providers and that coverage should be discussed directly with your insurance provider.

How does United’s basic Full Value Protection option work?

Take a moment to learn how we calculate your Full-Value Protection and the importance of completing our High Value Inventory Form.

Basic Full-Value Protection Option Included in Every Initial Quote

The standard amount of Full Value Protection is calculated by multiplying the estimated weight of your shipment by $6 per pound. For example, if the weight of your shipment is 6800lbs, the amount of your valuation would be 6800 multiplied by $6, totaling $40,800. Before we commence loading your shipment, you can always increase the amount of your valuation as well.

IMPORTANT: You need to complete the High Value Inventory Form

When you select our Full Value Protection option, you’ll also need to record items that you include in your shipment that are valued at $100 or more, per pound, (such as artwork, jewelry, high-end furniture, designer clothes, antiques, collectibles, electronics, etc.) on the High Value Inventory Form. For example, a pair of designer shoes may be worth $800, but weighs around a pound. If those shoes are included in your shipment, but you do not list them on your High Value Inventory Form and they are lost in transit, you would not receive full replacement value for the shoes since they were not declared. However, if they had been listed on the form, you could receive up to the replacement value of the shoes.

Additional Protection Option and Programs:

In addition to the basic Full-Value Protection option, we have an additional protection option and other programs that you can select and add to your moving quote. Not all options are available for every move; check with your move coordinator to see if they apply to your move.

Minimum Liability Valuation Option

If you decide to opt out of the basic Full Value Protection option – that is included upfront in every initial moving quote – you will still be covered by the minimum valuation option (required by law) which equates to $0.60 per pound per article. However, we highly recommend against this option due to the fact that it can leave you vulnerable to monetary loss, depending on which item for which you need to file a claim. For example, if you have us move a TV for you, and that TV weighs 30lbs, and it is lost or damaged during you move, you would only receive 30lbs multiplied by $0.60 per pound which would total $18 for your TV.

Increased Declaration – Full Value Protection

You have the option to declare a higher value than the basic amount included in our Full-Value Protection option for an additional charge. You can increase your valuation amount at any time, all the way up to when we begin loading your shipment.

Claim Assist

Our Claim Assist program provides assistance to customers who need to complete a claim form and/or have items that need to be repaired or replaced.

If you decide to opt into one of our convenience service packages, you could have the option to select one more of the following services, depending on which package you purchase.

Pairs & Sets Waiver
United isn’t typically responsible for undamaged items that are part of a set. With Pairs & Sets Waiver, if any one item in a set is damaged and cannot be fixed or replaced to match the set, United will waive its defense related to the undamaged items and can replace the set or pay for the entire set’s replacement value.

Mechanical Malfunction Waiver
Absent evidence of mishandling during the move, United isn’t typically responsible for mechanical equipment that doesn’t work after a move due to road vibrations, or other typical moving conditions. With this waiver, United can agree to repair or replace equipment that doesn’t work after a move.

Acts of God Waiver
United isn’t typically responsible for loss or damage resulting from an Act of God. With Acts of God Waiver, we can repair or replace belongings in the event of loss or damage in the case of a natural disaster during the move.

Additional Delay Payment
When applicable, you could receive an increased rate of compensation of up to $250 per day if your pick up or delivery is delayed past the date on your paperwork.

Increased Destination Wait Time
If you are not ready to receive your belongings at the time they are ready to be delivered as scheduled, we will extend our included wait time up to four hours.

Identity Theft Protection
Add one year of Identity Theft Protection, see United’s tariff for important program terms and conditions.

Our basic Full Value Protection option (included in every initial quote), you can rely on United to strive to protect your belongings during your move.

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