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Downtown San Diego Skyline

The Ultimate Guide to Moving to San Diego

Quick Facts about San Diego  Nestled between the roaring surf and the rugged mountains of Southern California, San Diego is a coastal desert paradise.
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man working in his home office

Retreat or Retrench? What If Your Move Was a Bad Idea?

Just moved, but not loving where you’re living? Check out our tips for turning the situation in your favor.
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a couple with moving boxes

Considerations When Moving to a Different Climate

Moving to a different climate? See our tips for weathering the transition.
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Jacksonville Florida Skyline

What You Want to Know Before Moving to Jacksonville

Quick Facts about Jacksonville  Situated on the northernmost edge of the Sunshine State, Jacksonville is a coastal city with a strong Southern spirit.
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Give Your Home a Fresh Face (Without Breaking the Bank) 

Is the living space you’re moving into a bit uninspiring?
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Couple working on the couch

Advice for When You’re Merging Two Households

Blending two homes into one harmonious space can be challenging.
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Woman picking colors

How to Choose Paint Like a Pro 

You’re standing in the paint aisle at your local home improvement store feeling overwhelmed.
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Man doing home renovation work

Secrets for Pulling Off a Live-in Renovation

OK, right now your new space isn’t perfect, but hopefully, you’ve set aside funds to turn it into your dream home.
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NYC Midtown

11 Things to Know Before Moving to New York City

Quick Facts about New York City With more than 8 million residents in its five boroughs, New York City is the nation’s largest city and one of the most culturally
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Couple Moving In

Tips for Moving in With Your Partner 

Moving in together is a big step.
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Moving Canoes

Moving Bulky, Hard-to-Handle Outdoor Gear

While moving is never easy, partnering with an experienced full-service mover like United Van Lines definitely simplifies and streamlines the process.
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Downtown Miami FL

12 Things You Want to Know About Moving to and Living in Miami

Quick Facts about Miami Between the wilds of the Everglades and the whirling surf of the Atlantic, Miami is an international paradise on southern American shores.
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