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truck moving out of state

How Much Does It Cost to Move Out of State?

A long-distance move has the potential to be more stressful given it requires more strategic planning, effort and paperwork than a local move.
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Eight Tips to Reduce Stress in Your New Job

New job, new neighborhood? Here are eight tips and techniques for reducing stress and making the most of your new possibilities.
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10 Questions to Ask Moving Companies

Know what to ask your movers — and how to book the right one — with this handy guide.
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two movers transporting boxes from a home -- United Van Lines®

How Much do Movers Cost?

It’s true that hiring movers is generally more expensive than taking a DIY approach. However, there are perks for those who go that route.
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The Pros and Cons of Going Solar

Is solar energy the right choice for your new home? Here are the pros and cons involved in making the switch.
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When You Get There Before Your Belongings

Are you getting to your new home before your belongings arrive? Here’s what to do.
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Pack Your Car for Your Long-Distance Move

Does your long-distance move involve a road trip? Know what you need to keep with you when you hit the road.
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National Parks of the Interior West

Explore an unforgettable red-rock and mountain wonderland — the singular national parks of the interior western United States.
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How to Create a Pet-friendly Backyard

Help your clever canine or fabulous feline feel at home, too
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Lobster Shacks of the East Coast

Let’s head down the East Coast and sample some of the best lobster shacks in each state.
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Icon. Spokesperson. Friend-in-Need. How Bette Made Moving Better

Promoting everything from frosted corn flakes to auto insurance, quick service burgers to brownie mixes, corporate mascots help build a brand’s identity.
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National Parks of the West Coast

From soaring snow-capped mountains, rugged coastlines and lush, temperate rainforests to starkly beautiful deserts freckled with vibrant flora, North America’s West Coast brims with unspoiled grandeur.   Home to 13 unforgettable
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