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How to Pick a Contractor 

Check out some tips for finding a contractor who won’t leave you holding the hammer.
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suburban homes

What You Should Know About HOA 

Living in an HOA-governed community has definite benefits—and drawbacks. Check out a few facts to help you decide whether an HOA is a good fit.
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Packing for donations

Charities That Offer Free Donation Pickup 

Do you have items to donate, but can’t drop them off? Check out our list of charities that will pick up donations from your home.
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move for a new job

Love Your New Town but Hate Your New Job?

Love your new town but not the job that got you there? Check out these tips for making the best and moving on.
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dual purpose bedroom

How to Make a Dual-Purpose Bedroom Work 

Could your bedroom double as a home office? Here's how to combine two functions into one space.
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preserve a historical home

Preserving and Updating a Historical Home 

Thinking about settling into a historical home? Here’s what you need to know to get it ready.
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Friends chatting on the couch

Move Delayed? Tips For Living with a Friend or Relative Short-Term

Living with friends or relatives until move day? Here’s how to get through the in-between phase.
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Partners discuss moving plan

How to Get Your Partner to Agree on Where to Move

Two people, two POVs, one location. Check out our tips for reaching a consensus.
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Hidden Gems in NYC

Uncover New York City’s Best Hidden Gems

Are you just settling in or considering a move to the New York City area?
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zen bathroom

Design a Zen Bathroom

Is the vibe of one (or more) of the bathrooms in your new home more chaotic than calming?
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Create Spaces for Kids After They Move Out

The day has finally arrived: The kids are all grown up, you’re selling the family homestead and downsizing to a smaller place.
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Buffalo NY

Is Moving to Buffalo Right for You?

Quick Facts about Buffalo, New York Perched on the banks of the roaring Niagara River, between the frigid waters of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, Buffalo has used its powerful
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