How to Pack Silverware

Your silverware deserves special care when packing. You’ll want to carefully pack silver to protect precious metals and ensure sharp knives and forks don’t injure movers during handling.

Protect Silver from Tarnish and Abrasion.

  1. Wrap groups of silverware in bundles.

  2. Place bundles in silverware tray.

  3. Wrap tray with paper, taping it closed.

  4. Mark the top of the tray to prevent items from falling out when unwrapped.

  5. Pack in a box with other kitchen items. 

Because air can cause silverware to tarnish, all silver pieces should be wrapped completely in clean, unprinted packing or tissue paper. These should be packed into your dish packs with plates, bowls and serving dishes to be sure they are not displaced. Your loose silverware should be wrapped in sets with clear plastic, tissue or packing paper.

If silverware is in a chest, you still might want to wrap the pieces individually and reposition them in the chest. Or, fill in all empty spaces in the chest with tissue paper or paper towels then wrap the chest with a large bath towel.

Safety First. Pack Knives with Care.

Use caution when packing knives. Improperly packed knives can pose a safety risk to your family, your movers and adjacent goods.

  1. Place knife on packing paper and fold paper over. 

  2. As you add knives, alternate direction of blades.

  3. Once packet is complete, label packet with “Knives”.

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