How to Pack Small Appliances

Items such as clocks, small radios and other small appliances need to be packed with plenty of padding to keep their delicate electronic components safe from damage.

Use a paper pad to wrap small appliances, which is a multilayered paper wrap used to protect larger fragile items. If there are any removable parts or accessories, wrap them separately in paper.

  1. Wrap the power cord with packing paper to prevent scratching appliances.

  2. Wrap the appliance in a paper pad, taping the paper pad in place.

  3. Line the bottom of a box with crumpled paper and pack the appliance.

  4. Fill in gaps with crumpled paper. Close the box and secure with packing tape. 

  5. Label the box.

Wrap and Pad Small Appliances Individually.

Small clocks, transistor radios and similar items can be packed in the same carton with linens or as extra items with lamp bases. Make sure cords are wrapped so as not to scratch or otherwise damage items.

Steam irons should be emptied of all water, dried out, wrapped and placed in the cushioned bottom of a box.

Remember to remove batteries from small appliances before packing. Weather and storage could cause batteries to corrode and damage your devices’ electronics.

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