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Watch this video to learn how to pack towels, linens and bedding!

Linens include towels, sheets, tablecloths and drapes. Linens can be hung or folded for moving.

Hanging Linens

  1. Use a wardrobe carton to hang linens. Hang linens on the bar.

  2. Be careful not to overfill the carton. Linens could wrinkle and a heavy box is difficult to move.

  3. Do not place items in the bottom of the box to prevent damage to the items or linens.

  4. Tape and label the box, including what room the box should go in.

Folded Linens

  1. Line an empty box with packing paper.

  2. Place items in the box.

  3. Use crumpled paper to fill in any gaps.

  4. Close the box and secure with packing tape.

  5. Label the box.

Blankets & towels are susceptible to mold and insects.

Linens & Bedding

Moisture, mold and insects can wreak havoc on natural linens packed without special preparation. Your linens and bedding should be folded and packed into large plastic bags and placed in a box that has been lined with clean paper.

Special mattress cartons can also be purchased to keep your mattress clean and safe during the move. When all of your clothing and bed linens are packed and ready to go, place pillows in bureau drawers or pack them in plastic bags along with matched bedding.

Lastly, as you pack, remember to set aside miscellaneous blankets and towels. They can be used as packing material to pad boxes and wrap dishes.

Draperies and Curtains

Wardrobe boxes are ideal for moving curtains and draperies. Fold them lengthwise, place over a padded hanger and pin securely to keep curtains wrinkle-free during your move.

If wardrobe boxes are not an option, draperies and curtains may also be ironed and folded before being packed away in plastic.


Area rugs should be vacuumed and cleaned prior to a move. Large rugs should be rolled and wrapped in plastic to protect them while in transit. If you don’t have the proper packing materials, leave rugs on the floor for the moving company to handle. If they've just been returned from the cleaners, leave them rolled.

When wrapping a rug, the most important thing is to protect the ends of the rug.  For larger rugs, you may need two people to pack the rug.

  1. Roll from a short end of the rug.

  2. Use a paper pad to wrap the end of the rug, leaving about 6 inches. A paper pad is a multilayered paper wrap used to protect larger fragile items.

  3. Tape the paper pad to secure the rug and repeat on the other end.

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