Pack Separately Checklist

It is better to be safe than sorry when packing your personal valuables. Items that require additional security or special access are better kept in your personal vehicle during a move.

Keep Your Valuables Close

  • Address books
  • Airline tickets 
  • Car titles
  • Cash
  • Cell phones Checkbooks
  • Computer data files/backups 
  • Family photographs/photo albums
  • Financial documents (stocks, bonds, CDs, IRAs, deeds, tax records)
  • Home videos  Insurance policies
  • Jewelry and furs
  • Keys (car, furniture, new home)
  • Laptop computers, Medical/dental records
  • New home documents Prescription medicin
  • Professional files/research projects
  • School records

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Better to be safe
than sorry when
moving valuables.

Pack Personal Items Separately

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