Corporate Relocation FAQ

Does United provide corporate moving services?

Yes! Click here to request a quote if you are an employee who has a lump sum and are searching for corporate moving services. Click here if you are a corporate relocation manager or program administrator searching for corporate relocation services.

How does your service differ from that of your competitors?

We work hard to truly customize corporate relocation policies to meet the needs of individual transferees and groups of transferees, including mixing and matching our menu of moving services, including full and partial packing, unpacking, storage, debris pick up, moving protection and even convenience services, like cleaning, technology installation for home theatres and PC networks. Our corporate relocation plans are not one size fits all and are designed to meet the unique needs of your employees you are helping to move.

Do you have a program for employees moving with a lump sum?

Yes! If you are an employee of an organization who has been given a lump sum, click here to start your quote today! We can even assist you to find a realtor to market an existing home or finding a new one through the CityPointe® program. We encourage you to discuss all of the options available to with your local United representative.

Can you assist in the development of a corporate relocation policy?

Yes! We tailor our corporate relocation policies to the needs of our clients and their transferees. Our primary goal is to get transferees relocated smoothly to their new homes so that they can get organized and started at their new job location. We know how important it is to both relocation managers, program administrators and employees that corporate moves go smoothly and that we are dedicated to being part of a seamless transition for transferees. We can assist you in building a policy that is custom-suited to the unique needs of your company, based upon our knowledge and vast experience in servicing our corporate clients.

How do you measure quality?

Where permitted, we survey our customers after their relocation. The results are compiled and distributed to key representatives. This allows us to receive feedback on an ongoing basis, while also tracking trends so we can continue to identify areas for improvement.

Can I arrange international moves?

Yes! Through United International, you have international relocation experts handling your international needs.

What are the benefits of a transportation agreement?

There are many benefits of having a transportation agreement with United. These include full-value protection, a single point of contact to handle all aspects of your relocation, credit terms and much more.

With so many benefits, and the ability to offer customized service unique to the needs of your company, it’s best to discuss the benefits of a transportation agreement with your United representative.

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