Choosing the Right Cross-Country Movers: Tips for an Upscale Move

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At some point in the move decision process, you’ll have to decide exactly how hands off – or hands-on – you’d like to be when it comes to getting your things to their new home. Do you take on the whole job yourself, tackle parts of it, or leave the entire process to the full-service pros? If you ultimately decide on the full-service experience, the only thing left to do is determine which mover is best able to take charge.  

Just to be clear, by full-service movers, we mean a professional moving company like United Van Lines that can handle every aspect of your move for you, from packing up your belongings at your current home, loading them onto the truck, transporting everything to your new place, and unloading and unpacking on the receiving end. That said, here are some things to think about before deciding on the one and only moving company for your cross-country move

Their Quote Process and Pricing 

When it comes to estimating the cost of a move, the definition of “full-service” can vary widely. Legitimate cross-country movers will make sure that their pricing structure and moving estimates make sense. There shouldn’t be any surprises at the end of the move and the mover should be open with you about costs throughout the entire process. They also provide a thorough assessment of items you want to move, making sure your quote is accurate.  

At United Van Lines, our pricing and quote process is straightforward and easy. A full-service quote from United always includes the following:  

  • A personal move coordinator 
  • Loading, transporting and unloading household goods 
  • Full-Value Protection (unless waived) 
  • Standard transport of appliances (service/disconnect/connect not included) 
  • Standard furniture placement 

We also give you the flexibility to schedule an in-person or virtual survey.  

Their Footprint 

A lot of movers – especially those with a local presence – may mention cross-country moves as one of their capabilities. While this may technically be true, it could mean your possessions wind up being transported by multiple, smaller movers with inconsistencies in quality and communication happing enroute. Our advice: If you’re moving long distance, it’s usually better to choose a moving company with a national footprint like United. With an extensive network of agents coast to coast, we can provide moving services to and from anywhere in the continental United States. 

Their Experience 

Full-service cross-country movers should be able to handle everything for you, start to finish. They’ll pack up your belongings, load the truck, transport your belongings across the country, and unload and unpack at your new place. All you need to do is show them what needs to be packed, step aside and enjoy the journey to your new home. No stress, no mess.  

United Van Lines has a long history of providing high-quality moving services and has helped millions of families move across the country. Another United advantage: Our move coordinators who can recommend solutions and services based on your needs and help minimize any hiccups along the way. 

Their Range of Services 

A quality full-service mover should have the resources to take most of the work and worry out of moving. Essentially you tell them the types of services you’ll expect you’ll need, and they will provide them – along with further suggestions that could smooth and simplify your journey.  

United Van Lines offers a wide range of moving services, including packing, loading, car shipping and even storage. This means we can handle every aspect of your move, making the process as stress-free as possible. In fact, many customers tell us that the added cost of full-service moving with professional packing is often worth it, just in terms of their own peace of mind.  

Their Moving Fleet 

Reputable full-service movers will have modern trucks, the padding and packing materials for loading your items, and qualified drivers to transport your precious cargo over long distances. At United, we strive to go the extra mile to ensure your belongings get the white-glove treatment they deserve from pick up to drop off. While this level of service may cost more upfront, you’ll probably find the convenience and peace of mind to be worth every penny.  

Their Reputation  

With long-distance movers, reputations are built one customer experience at a time. Although the so-called “perfect” or “seamless” move is always the ideal, in real life there are often hurdles and challenges at some point in the journey. What counts is your mover’s reputation for quality and consistency. As America’s #1 Mover®, United Van Lines has a strong reputation for providing excellent customer service. We and our movers have received numerous awards and accolades for our commitment to quality. 

Their Licenses 

It’s important to be aware that only properly licensed movers can legally perform an interstate, long-distance move. If a moving company doesn’t have its required licenses, do not consider using them (even if they come cheap). Moving companies and movers that might lack some of the necessary licenses for your specific needs, such as moving across states likely won’t provide a quality move. 

By contrast, United Van Lines is a licensed, full-service moving company that takes responsibility for providing moving services for your relocation under our FMCSA authority through our network of agents across the country.  

Their Communications 

A successful move experience takes a lot of time and careful planning. Using a full-service cross-country moving company, a lot of this can be done for you. When moving full service with United, you have our move coordinator working every step of the move process with you. There’s also the MyUnited Move Portal – a handy online tool that lets you seamlessly manage your moving experience all in one place. This combination of personal attention and leading-edge technology means your move is in capable, caring hands.  

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Why not let a professional moving company, United Van Lines, take care of the heavy lifting? United’s full-service moving packages provide flexibility to mix and match the services you want and need, from packing and unpacking to standard furniture placement.      

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