Storage While Moving: Expert Advice for Your Long-Distance Move

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Embarking on a long-distance move brings its own set of challenges. Whether it’s a new job or the allure of a different city, planning and flexibility are key. Beyond the transportation aspect, there’s often a gap between leaving your old home and settling into the new one. In such scenarios, integrated storage services become invaluable, ensuring a seamless transition.

Storage services are a popular add-on to the move package at United Van Lines. This guide will discuss the benefits of getting storage services with your long-distance move and why you should seriously consider doing so.

Evaluating Your Storage Options

When gearing up for a long-distance move, understanding your storage needs is crucial. Explore options like self-storage units, full-service storage, portable containers, and specialized storage for delicate items. Consider features such as climate control, security, accessibility, and size to match your unique requirements during the journey.

Also, identify the purpose of storage – whether it’s a temporary housing gap, a secure spot during renovations, or a phased unpacking approach. If you’re choosing a reputable moving company like United Van Lines, inquire about the additional storage offerings for a streamlined experience.

Understanding the Need for Storage in Long-Distance Moves

You might need additional storage services during your long-distance move for several reasons. A few of them include:

Geographical and timing complexities. Long-distance moves involve diverse regions, requiring buffer storage during transitional periods.

Customization and flexibility. Tailored storage options, including climate control, provide adaptable solutions for short and long-term needs.

Cost and efficiency. Integrating storage with the moving process can be more cost-effective and efficient, minimizing the handling of items and the potential for damage.

Emotional and practical benefits. A robust storage solution reduces stress, offering a phased relocation approach and peace of mind.

Benefits of Bundling Storage and Moving Together

Long-distance moves can be expensive, especially if you need additional services like storage. Opting for a moving company that provides both services can offer several advantages:

Improved Flexibility in Your Move Timing

If the unexpected happens, getting storage solutions through your moving company can help cut down on additional fees and delays. Sometimes you must stay at your old place a bit longer than anticipated or something changes and your moving dates change.

Ease of Coordination

Getting all your moving services in one place makes it far easier to coordinate everything. If you need to make changes, it also makes it easier as your moving company will adjust everything for you instead of discussing the changes with a third-party storage company, which may or may not be able to accommodate you.

Avoid the Dreaded “Double Move”

If you need storage because your new home isn’t ready yet, you’ll probably need to store them at a facility close to your new place. Once you have access to the property, if you didn’t book storage as part of a package with your long-distance moving company, you’ll need to go through the process of vetting and hiring a different local moving company to help you complete your move.

Save yourself time, effort and money by bundling storage services with long-distance movers. This ensures everyone is on the same page and your belongings immediately get where they need to go.

Knowing Where Your Belongings Will Be Stored

Trusted storage facilities provided by established moving companies ensure the safety of your belongings.

Reduced Risk

If you decide to get storage from a company other than your long-distance mover, you’ll also need insurance for the storage facility. This can potentially add a lot to your moving costs.

Getting storage services from a well-established moving company like United Van Lines with decades of experience ensures that all your belongings are cared for.

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