How to Find Reputable Long Distance Movers

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The Challenges of Long-Distance Moves

Moving isn’t a walk in the park, especially over long distances. United Van Lines understands the complexities involved, from the risk of belongings getting lost or damaged to the overall stress of the process. When gearing up for a significant move, consider these key factors:

  • How far is the move, and what does it entail?
  • Estimating the overall cost of the move.
  • The emotional stress associated with moving.

Luckily, you don’t have to tackle this alone. Numerous long-distance moving companies are ready to assist, but choosing the right one is crucial. That’s why United Van Lines, America’s #1 Mover®, has crafted this guide to help you identify reputable long-distance movers for a hassle-free move.

The Criteria for a Reputable Long-Distance Mover

When searching for a long-distance mover, consider the following criteria to ensure a smooth and reliable moving experience:

  • Longevity of the company
  • Whether they’re licensed for interstate moves
  • Transparency of cost and pricing
  • Whether they have insurance or protection plan offerings
  • The breadth of service offerings
  • Positive ratings

Years in Business

The longevity of a moving company is a key indicator of reliability. More years in business often translate to a reputable and experienced mover. Seasoned professionals are better equipped to handle the unexpected challenges that may arise during your move.

A Verifiable License

Ensure the long-distance mover is licensed for interstate moves. This information should be easily accessible on their website or by verifying with the Department of Transportation. Choosing a licensed mover protects your belongings and ensures compliance with state regulations.

Transparent Pricing

Avoid unpleasant surprises by opting for a long-distance moving company that provides transparent pricing. Reputable movers will offer concrete estimates, ensuring you know the final cost on moving day without hidden fees.

Valuation and Protection Plans

Look for movers that offer protection options. Accidents happen, and a reliable mover will have contingencies in place to ensure a smooth recovery if issues arise during the move.

More Than Just Help With Moving

Choose a mover that goes beyond basic services. A full-service option indicates a seasoned mover capable of understanding the intricate needs of a long-distance move. Check their website for additional services like storage and car shipping.

Great Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are invaluable. Positive reviews from customers who have already experienced the moving process with a particular company provide insights into the mover’s reliability and dedication.

Long Distance Mover Red Flags to Watch for

Just as there are signs to look for when hiring a reputable long-distance mover, there are also things that are dead giveaways you should avoid a mover. These include: 

  • Lack of physical address 
  • Unprofessional website 
  • Negative reviews 
  • Unusually low-moving quotes 

Avoid movers displaying these signs, as they may not have your best interests at heart and could potentially be part of a moving scam.

Other Moving Tips and Tricks From America’s #1 Mover®

At United Van Lines, we’ve got you covered from start to finish. Beyond the moving quote, our decades of experience have led to expert moving guides. Explore our library for essential tips on everything from understanding moving quotes, packing advice to insights on 40+ states and cities.

Trust United Van Lines for Your Long-Distance Move

If you’re seeking a reputable long-distance mover, trust United Van Lines – America’s #1 Mover since 1928. Our licensed and trained movers offer full-service packages, including packing, storage, and car shipping. With over one million satisfied customers, high customers ratings and glowing reviews, United Van Lines ensures your long-distance move is a smooth and successful experience.

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