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Moving cross country? If you’re planning a long-distance move and don’t want a lot of hassle and stress, Snapmoves℠ is the way to go. It’s a customized, seamless service in step with the way people move today. Even better, it’s backed by United Van Lines, America’s #1 Mover®.

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Big Moves. Small Moves. ALL Moves.

We’ve streamlined the processes involved in a traditional move experience, and unlike most other long-distance movers, we provide this service for moves of any size. With Snapmoves℠ by United, you can expect:
  • Fast, easy quotes either in-person or using our online Virtual Survey tool.
  • Customized services: Pick and choose exactly what you need.
  • Two Levels of Snapmoves services: Standard and Priority
  • Simplified pricing to make planning and budgeting easier.
  • United’s Full-Value Protection included with every initial quote.
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What’s Included in a Snapmoves℠ by United?

Snapmoves℠ by United leverages technology and exceptional standards of service to make moving a better experience for our customers. Every Snapmoves℠ quote from United Includes:
  • Qualified drivers and equipment
  • A personal move coordinator
  • Loading, transportation, and unloading of household belongings
  • Full Value Protection (unless waived)
  • Disassembly and reassembly of standard bed frames
  • Standard transport of appliances
  • Standard furniture placement
Two Levels of Service
  • Standard: Is there flexibility around your move date? Our Flexible Service can save you even more money with delivery guaranteed within a five-day window.
  • Priority: Planning to move on a specific date? For an additional cost our Priority Service provides day-certain delivery.
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More Than Just Moving

Snapmoves℠ by United will bundle add-on service offerings to create a hassle-free moving experience just for you. Naturally, these costs vary and will be determined once you’ve received your Snapmoves℠ quote. Here are our most popular add-ons:
  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Storage
  • Debris Pickup
  • Convenience Services
  • Home Theater Setup
  • Car Shipping
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Why Snapmoves℠ by United?

Snapmoves℠ is a great example of how United strives to meet the needs of our customers and their unique moving experience.

With Snapmoves℠, you are assigned a move coordinator as your single point of contact. Your move coordinator will help you stay organized and on track as your moving day approaches and is available to answer any questions you may have. Plus, you’ll receive the same moving expertise in addition to other great benefits that traditional United customers have come to expect.
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    You'll Get Your Quote Faster and Easier

    Our user-friendly Virtual Survey experience allows you to video chat with an estimator to provide you with a quote on your schedule.
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    Pay Only for What You Need

    With Snapmoves by United, you can tailor moving services to make your move easier. Build your personalized plan with things like packing, storage, convenience services and additional move protection.
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    Choose From Two Levels of Service

    • Snapmoves Standard: If there is flexibility around your move date, you can save money using our Standard service with delivery guaranteed within a 5-day window.
    • Snapmoves Priority: If you need an exact move day, our Priority Service provides day-certain delivery for an additional cost.
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    We Include Full-Value Protection

    Unless you waive it or choose to declare a higher value, we offer our Full Value Protection option in every initial quote, meaning we’ll repair or replace lost/damaged items.*

Packing Services

No matter the size of your move, Snapmoves℠ by United will design a customized packing solution to fit your timeline and budget. Choose from our full and partial packing options or get organized at your new residence with our unpacking service option. 
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Need a place to store your items between your move out and move in days? Let Snapmoves℠ by United handle your moving-related storage needs with our short-term and long-term storage services. We can provide storage solutions for any long-distance move, no matter the distance or size. 
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