Abraham Vasquez Van Operator

Do you know what it takes to move a giant, metal Charlie Brown sculpture? Abraham Vasquez does. He lists that move as his most memorable in his nearly 10 years as a van operator for United Van Lines.

“I went to the middle of nowhere to pick it up and I thought where in the world am I going? When I got there, I saw the sculpture was huge, taking up the entire trailer, but it weighed only 300 pounds. I had to be careful strapping it in because the force could bend the metal.”

In his tenure, Abraham has hauled household goods, specialized medical equipment and tradeshow exhibits for major retailers. He’s seen many changes, but he said one thing has remained constant – the people.

“The people I work with have always been positive and team players. That hasn’t changed. I want to especially give a shout out to the Chipman Relocation team. They always treat me with respect, especially my dispatcher Luigi. He is a great guy and takes the extra step to help however he can.”

When asked why he got in the business Abraham said, “I wanted to see the country and I liked the freedom of being my own boss, in a way. It can get hard because I am away from my family for 80 percent of the time, but my wife is an amazing woman and has supported me through it since day one when we met 16 years ago.”

In addition to having supportive family and friends, Abraham has a few other tips to those entering the business, but really they are words we could all live by. “Don’t spend more than you have, eat healthy, be courteous, be professional and have a positive attitude.”

When he isn’t traveling the country, Abraham is usually doing one of two things – either catching a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game or relaxing at home.

“We try and catch a few Cardinals games a year, but really I am a homebody. I like to be home with my family and friends, barbecuing and hanging out by the pool.”


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