Moves to South Reflect Job Trends

As economy grows, tourism and construction are causing an influx of moves

Jan 10, 2015 – The United Van Lines National Movers Study is an account of the total moves made by United Van Lines, the nation’s largest mover, during the 2014 calendar year. While a variety of factors influence migration, the data points to an interesting trend: most job-related moves are heading south. Three states that showed a large percentage of inbound moves due to jobs, based off a survey of United Van Lines customers, included Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. According to this same customer survey conducted by United Van Lines, nearly 35 percent of those relocating to the South did so because of a new job, while 30.4 percent were transferred within their current company.

According to Dr. Michael Stoll, Professor of Public Policy at UCLA, the South represents one of the largest population bases in the United States. From mild climates to lower housing costs, it’s no wonder more and more people are moving to this region each year.


As the economy continues to swing up, industries such as tourism and construction begin to boom, causing an influx of moves. The state most affected by these two factors is Florida, which ranked as a top 5 inbound state on the 2014 United Van Lines National Movers Study. With vacation hot spots such as Orlando and Ft. Myers beach, tourism drives Florida’s economy. As the economy improves, more people can afford to travel, causing an increase in tourism jobs.

In addition to tourism, Florida’s construction business is on the rebound. When the housing market crashed in 2009, Florida was one of the hardest hit. In 2014, there has been renewed housing construction, creating a boom in the job market.

North Carolina

A resurgence of banking and financial services has driven North Carolina to become the third most moved to U.S. state for the second year in a row. With companies like Bank of America, MetLife and Wells Fargo East Coast headquartered in Charlotte, jobs are plentiful.

In addition to banking and financial services, Raleigh-Durham’s Research Triangle Park hosts numerous high-tech companies and enterprises. Cisco Systems, IBM and Verizon Wireless all contribute to the area’s workforce.

South Carolina

According to Dr. Stoll, a resurgence of manufacturing has brought new jobs to the southern state. The study shows that out of all inbound moves to South Carolina, 28.1 percent attribute the move to a new job, and 20.25 percent attribute it to a company transfer. The thriving auto industry boasts more than 250 companies including BMW, Bridgestone, Honda and Michelin. With a loose regulatory environment and low unionization rates, companies continue to move jobs to South Carolina.

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Michael Stoll, economist, professor and chair of the Department of Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles share his thoughts on migration patterns and moving trends.


United Van Lines 2014 National Movers Study Press Release, Map and Data – Download Now