Celebrating Van Operator Appreciation Week 2020

We dedicate this week to the men & women that keep United Van Lines moving!

September 14-18, 2020: We will recognize the service and celebrate the dedication of the thousands of drivers across the country who keep our customers and business moving this week! The appreciation we have for these individuals cannot be overstated.

This year, we’ll be giving away $50 to over 200 drivers, as well as care packages for drivers who are able to stop by our headquarters  during the week. We’ve included items such as masks, wipes, hand sanitizer, fuel gift cards and many other items collected from our sponsors.

For additional information about the week’s activities, please visit the United Van Lines Facebook Page.

By the Numbers

See some fun stats about the work that our drivers accomplished this year below:

2020 Van Operator of the Year Award Winners

Each year, we select three drivers to receive the Van Operator of the Year Award. Learn more about life on the road from our 2020 winners below.

Ken Bone – 2020 Van Operator of the Year Winner

Chris Cartwright – 2020 Van Operator of the Year Winner

Stan Rynkevic – 2020 Van Operator of the Year Winner

A Special Thank You the Sponsors of the 2020 Van Operator Appreciation Week