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About Our Leadership Team

Executive Leadership

David Corrigan, Chairman of the Board

David was elected as chairman of the UniGroup Board and its operating subsidiaries, including Mayflower, in September 2020. David has been a member of UniGroup’s Board of Directors for over 20 years and has served as an industry leader for more than 40 years.

He is currently the President and COO of Corrigan Moving Systems and has been a part of virtually every aspect of the business from clearing trucks, to general manager while running operations and dispatch, where he was in charge of dispatching crews and overseeing finance. David’s father, Paul, was the first chairman for United Van Lines.

Marc Rogers, President & CEO

Marc Rogers became president and CEO of UniGroup and its operating subsidiaries, including United Van Lines, in 2017.

Prior to joining the company, Marc held several progressively responsible operations and leadership roles. He has decades of experience in the transportation industry and has been successful in igniting substantial growth in the organizations he leads.

Company History

United Van Lines History

  • 1928: Return Loads Service
    Return Loads Service, Inc. formed in Cleveland, Ohio to arrange return shipments for independent moving companies transporting goods from one city to another.
  • 1928: United Van Service
    When similar companies began appearing around the country, Return Loads Service adopted the distinctive title of United Van Service.
  • 1933: United Van Lines
    After suffering losses during the Great Depression, United Van Service was dissolved and its assets were transferred to United Van Lines.
  • 1941: New Headquarters
    After a decade of new found prosperity, the new United Van Lines moved its corporate headquarters to St. Louis, Missouri.
  • 1947: Agent Ownership
    Ownership of United passed from the original shareholders to a group of United agents, establishing the current agent ownership structure.
  • 1954: Industry Innovation
    United Van Lines innovates the transportation industry with the introduction of electronic order registration and dispatch.
  • 1975: Continued Innovation
    United Van Lines further establishes its leadership with electronic shipment tracking routed through central mainframe computer.
  • 1992: Industry Leadership
    United Van Lines becomes the #1 van line in market share and volume. A position it maintains today.
  • 1995: Financial Growth
    Leveraging its market leadership, United Van Lines post its first billion-dollar revenue year. A position that has grown every year since.
  • 2018: Becoming a Co-Op
    In February 2018, UniGroup Shareholders voted to become a cooperative (co-op), allowing UniGroup to better serve its agents and customers in a centralized way.