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Garner, NC 27529



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117 Customer reviews for Hilldrup

  • Kristen P.
    Asheboro, NC
    to Sterling Hts, MI
    September 19, 2019

    From the initial walk through, to the pick-up, to the delivery at my mom's new home, everything went extremely well and made our moving experience less stressful than we anticipated.

  • Genela H.
    Greenville, NC
    to -, -
    September 10, 2019

    The entire process went smoothly. The packers, the driver, and the third party on both ends of the trip all did an excellent job! My driver is Demetrius from NC. He was on time and very efficient.

  • John L.
    Durham, NC
    to Madison, WI
    August 16, 2019

    Move from Durham NC to Madison WI with 2+ months storage. Every aspect was professional. Both teams were timely, efficient and careful with no breakage. I strongly recommend United.

  • Sarah S.
    Winterville, NC
    to Atlanta, GA
    July 31, 2019

    Overall, the experience was a good one. The estimator who we first met was knowledgeable and professional. The packers and movers worked very hard and were professional.

  • Jim B.
    Durham, NC
    to Bremerton, WA
    June 23, 2019

    James and his crew of pre-packers were quick & efficient. Gary and his loading and unloading crews also were very quick and paid attention to details when moving our goods.

  • Nan W.
    Durham, NC
    to St Petersburg, FL
    June 13, 2019


  • James J.
    Burlington, NC
    to Columbia, MO
    April 16, 2019

    All your staff we encountered were unfailingly polite and helpful, and the move was completed on schedule and as promised.

  • Daniel M.
    Thomasville, NC
    to Hurt, VA
    April 03, 2019

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Sandra B.
    Raleigh, NC
    to Howard, WI
    April 01, 2019

    Punctual, efficient, polite and friendly

  • Molly D.
    Jamestown, NC
    to Olney, MD
    March 12, 2019

    I thought the price was fair, and the service was generally excellent. There were a few specifics that very slightly soured an otherwise great move. 1. The van was late both days. (Just 30 minutes each day) 2. The baby's crib was put back together on the wrong mattress setting. No one asked which level it was on and put the mattress on the lowest level for a 4 month old. We couldn't put the baby in his crib until we could locate the proper tool to move the mattress. That was probably the most upsetting. 3. The legs to the dresser were almost forgotten. The men were in their car, ready to leave, when the legs were found. 4. The baby's bookcase shelf supports got lost when they removed the shelves for moving. So, now we can't use a shelf until we get to a hardware store to try to match the bookcase supports. It's a small thing, but it keeps us from completing the baby's room and putting away his books. Positives: Everyone was hard-working, efficient, and professional.

  • John P.
    Raleigh, NC
    to Leflore, OK
    March 07, 2019

    Very good

  • Lena N.
    Greensboro, NC
    to Garland, TX
    February 26, 2019

    Everyone involved was so helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to approach with questions. This was a wonderful and professional company and will definitely use them again for future moves. Thank you to all involved.

  • Ajay J.
    Raleigh, NC
    to Hillsboro, OR
    February 19, 2019

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Suzanne W.
    Cary, NC
    to Bryn Mawr, PA
    February 10, 2019

    Chris was vwrwy professional and helpful Ditto for Debbie in the office Ditto for Billy and his packing, loading driving and uloading crew. Everyone provided exxcellent customer service. Very nice to work with!!

  • Judy J.
    Angier, NC
    to Williamsburg, VA
    January 30, 2019

    Very Good experience, just wish I had been better prepared .

  • Paul K.
    Cary, NC
    to Frederick, MD
    December 11, 2018

    We had moves from 2 areas, and both went well.

  • Jim L.
    Holly Sprs, NC
    to Bel Air, MD
    November 30, 2018

    smooth, efficient, all positive.

  • Brian S.
    Raleigh, NC
    to Sun Prairie, WI
    November 29, 2018

    The movers and drivers were very friendly clean and professional. The move coordinator checked on us all through the process.

  • Christopher V.
    Greensboro, NC
    to Melbourne, FL
    November 29, 2018

    Driver was Great!

  • Evelyn A.
    Greensboro, NC
    to Suwanee, GA
    October 19, 2018

    Very professional and organized. Very courteous.

  • Marianne S.
    Wake Forest, NC
    to Twinsburg, OH
    October 09, 2018

    fantastic customer service, care with items, accommodating to delays in unpacking while the drivers waited, impeccable manners

  • Kimberly B.
    Greensboro, NC
    to Palm Bch Gdns, FL
    October 02, 2018

    Overall move was good. Upon delivery, a glass top for coffee table had been broken by Packers. They simply taped it together and did not tell me. That’s how I know it was Packers that broke it.

  • Staci F.
    Cary, NC
    to Binghamton, NY
    September 19, 2018

    overall experience was good. The loading of boxes didn't take into account the fragile boxes - with heavy things loaded on many of them and crushed. Luckily, I packed well and only one item was broken.

  • Karla E.
    Raleigh, NC
    to Los Angeles, CA
    September 05, 2018

    Amazing service from day 1 until after we received our shipment. Great experience all around! Debbie and the whole team were simply fabulous!!!

  • Greg H.
    Raleigh, NC
    to Nashville, IL
    August 01, 2018

    Everyone was very professional and courteous. It was a pleasure using your moving services.

  • Scott C.
    Wilmington, NC
    to Madison, WI
    July 20, 2018

    John Diamond, Debbie Brandt and their entire team were terrific. And our driver and crew were also top notch.

  • Robert H.
    Durham, NC
    to Cincinnati, OH
    July 20, 2018

    Professional and courteous.

  • Jessica P.
    Raleigh, NC
    to Buford, GA
    July 19, 2018

    Overall the move was great. The driver and all but one person packing did a good job. There was one person who packed my top floor and he did not label anything correctly and it was very frustrating. For example, he labeled a box "girls room toys" and it was all cleaning stuff from the laundry room. Another box was labeled "MBR bath" and it was pictures from another room. I also found things that were random items from 3-4 different rooms and they were also in a box labeled "girls room toys" and there wasn't a single toy in the box.

  • Marilyn F.
    Raleigh, NC
    to Folsom, CA
    July 16, 2018

    Great experience with packing and loading. Delivery was within time window stated and unloading went well.

  • Jodie P.
    Cary, NC
    to Kansas Cy, MO
    July 09, 2018

    Chris was amazing as well as the driver of the truck. Chris was always reponded back ina timely manner and was amazing to work with. The people that loaded and unloaded the truck were so respectful and it was a pleasure to work with all of them.

  • Daniel And Laur L.
    Pfafftown, NC
    to Billings, MT
    July 08, 2018

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Clara N.
    Chpl Hl, NC
    to Narberth, PA
    July 04, 2018

    Very timely, polite and neat

  • Kim S.
    Franklinton, NC
    to Orlando, FL
    June 28, 2018

    Travis our driver was wonderful. Both the packing and loading and unloading teams were great. All three teams were some of the hardest workers I have ever seen.

  • Rebecca M.
    Wake Forest, NC
    to Suffolk, VA
    May 25, 2018

    Chris Thurman was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was thorough and responsive. The moving crew was also outstanding.

  • Andrea O.
    Chpl Hl, NC
    to Madison, WI
    May 23, 2018

    Overall United vans was super professional. The movers clearly knew what they were doing. I did have a little bit of a scare when the movers at my original location didn't think all of my stuff would fit in one container, which stressed me out, but they were able to fit everything, so it wasn't a problem at all. A couple of my fragile boxes did arrive banged up, but nothing was broken in the end, so it all worked out.

  • Brent M.
    Greensboro, NC
    to Farmington, MI
    May 18, 2018

    Driver Jon Nelson and his crew were friendly and great to work with. Would recommend him to others.

  • Trevor B.
    Greensboro, NC
    to Seattle, WA
    May 15, 2018

    Experience was good - things were timely and I was kept in the loop at every step.

  • Mary M.
    Cary, NC
    to Knoxville, TN
    May 08, 2018

    Movers friendly, efficient and fast and timely. We were kept in loop on all aspects of the move and all our questions answered no matter how many we had.

  • Don R.
    Chpl Hl, NC
    to Salt Lk Cy, UT
    May 03, 2018

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Larry M.
    Beaufort, SC
    to Raleigh, NC
    April 18, 2018

    Entire process went very well, from initial contact, through video walk-through and estimate, follow up before the move, loading the truck, and unloading at our new house.

  • Leon P.
    Chpl Hl, NC
    to Oxon Hl, MD
    April 18, 2018

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Jasmine A.
    Durham, NC
    to Ft Lauderdale, FL
    April 16, 2018

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Heather R.
    Cary, NC
    to Noblesville, IN
    April 09, 2018

    Everything went smoothly. A couple of items were damaged but we placed claims and that all seems to be handled

  • Katy C.
    Durham, NC
    to Atlanta, GA
    April 05, 2018

    Every step was communicated. Chris explained the process so well. Debbie followed up at every step. And Dallas was great on the move out and in!

  • Kim W.
    Greensboro, NC
    to Myrtle Bch, SC
    April 03, 2018

    Drivers were on-time as scheduled, very courteous and took great care of the items being moved.

  • Diane O.
    Cary, NC
    to Southington, CT
    February 22, 2018

    Professional, quick, handled items with care. Great customer service. The movers were just fantastic.

  • Dan M.
    Reidsville, NC
    to Dayton, OH
    February 19, 2018

    Everything went very well -- very professional and courteous at every step.

  • Kabita D.
    Durham, NC
    to Piscataway, NJ
    February 17, 2018

    I moved twice in the last two years with united van and hilldrup. The crew which moved me in january 2018 was excellent. The durham, NC crew in 2015 was horrible. They had to send a few Hildrup guys to fix the mess the first crew made. The second crew was great. 2018 was excellent

  • Erin T.
    Zebulon, NC
    to Rineyville, KY
    December 28, 2017

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Donald B.
    Raleigh, NC
    to Sanford, ME
    December 09, 2017

    Hilldrop and United did what they promised.

  • Aaron H.
    Chpl Hl, NC
    to Boulder, CO
    December 06, 2017

    Dean and his team were very helpful and friendly. Very concerned about the wellbeing of our items. They are hard workers.

  • Dean D.
    Wilson, NC
    to Melbourne, FL
    November 27, 2017

    We were very pleased with the overall experience.

  • Paul B.
    Chpl Hl, NC
    to Tiburon, CA
    November 22, 2017

    Moving across country is not easy, especially when you are in your seventies, but this move was managed about as well as it could be, aside from one torchiere that was broken before we left Chapel Hill.

  • Margaret W.
    Greensboro, NC
    to Greensboro, AL
    November 20, 2017

    Excellent job overall, however, at one point they packed up articles that were not to be packed, due to their desire to be speedy!

  • Janiece R.
    Chpl Hl, NC
    to Atlanta, GA
    November 16, 2017

    The move was difficult due to most household goods going to storage & the rest to an apt. I separated items in a room & labeled them with their destination prior to move day. After the move team arrived I walked around the house with them pointing to labels for destination & stated where things still to be packed should be directed plus which pieces of furniture to send to the apt. vs storage. The team leader directed his men well. Still some things not packed when they arrived were packed & sent to the wrong place. I wish team members had asked more questions when packing items not labeled. Each of the team was polite. They did leave litter from the day where they dropped it: empty bottles; pieces of paper; & balled up tape. One or more left unsanitary conditions around one of the toilet bowls. That really angered me. After the moves the team leader called to say he had found our camera equipment The team lead sent it to us by Fed X which we greatly appreciated.

  • Devin W.
    Raleigh, NC
    to Tampa, FL
    November 02, 2017

    Overall, it was a good experience but there was opportunity to make it a better experience that I believe were missed

  • Cynthia L.
    Clarksville, VA
    to De Land, FL
    October 31, 2017

    the staff at hilldrup were outstanding! the moving crew (mike and josh) were also very good.

  • Nicole S.
    Cary, NC
    to Austin, TX
    October 31, 2017

    Everyone was very professional, and all of my furniture was delivered intact and in great condition.

  • Robert W.
    Wake Forest, NC
    to Wichita, KS
    October 30, 2017

    Thanks Debra, you have been very helpful. Truck broke down with our second delivery Can't figure out why our original load was not all together?

  • Gwendolyn R.
    Durham, NC
    to Lexington, KY
    October 13, 2017

    Great experience from initial selection of United to the delivery of my furniture.

  • William K.
    Cary, NC
    to Clermont, FL
    October 03, 2017

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Rahul S.
    Cary, NC
    to Wexford, PA
    September 12, 2017

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Kelvin V.
    Greensboro, NC
    to Philadelphia, PA
    August 05, 2017

    My overall experience was excellent. Walter and his crew were very professional.

  • Lois S.
    Greensboro, NC
    to Broomfield, CO
    August 02, 2017

    There is a lot of coordination required for a successful move. This move involved people in their 80's. This presents unique challenges that were difficult to navigate. It was done with few problems,

  • Dawn A.
    Morrisville, NC
    to Pawleys Is, SC
    July 03, 2017

    Overall really good. Some minor but annoying issues.

  • Karen W.
    Chpl Hl, NC
    to Venice, FL
    June 27, 2017

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Allen D.
    Hillsborough, NC
    to San Antonio, TX
    May 24, 2017

    I was very pleased by the two men who loaded my furniture. They were very polite and careful. They went beyond what I expected.

  • Cristina C.
    Holly Sprs, NC
    to Vancouver, WA
    May 09, 2017

    Very happy and would use United again, friendly, and made sure that the home was protected from any damage done by move. Chris even come back to my home 3 times. Thank you Chris what great service.

  • Joe C.
    Apex, NC
    to Las Vegas, NV
    May 03, 2017

    best move ever.crew was efficent,friendly , and professional. apartment manager said in his 10 years here,he only saw 3 drivers who could manuver his truck into the property including your driver.

  • Diana B.
    Cary, NC
    to Lowell, IN
    April 27, 2017

    The team in Carolina did a fantastic job of packing and loading. They were very personal and efficient.

  • Dan M.
    Raleigh, NC
    to Manhattan, NY
    April 10, 2017

    #1 - Dallas and the team were simply amazing. I would hire those guys to do just about anything if I had the chance! They work well as a team, hustled, asked us all kinds of questions to help, gave us advice - you name it. Real professionals who bring their A game every day, like what they do and do it well. We also appreciated the frequent contact from Debbie up to, during, and after the move. She, too, was always polite, informative, and proactive. I like that a lot! Unfortunately, for reasons beyond all our control, one of the trucks broke down. That set us back a full day. During that time not only Debbie, but also Travis (the driver) contacted us with updates. The third parties used in NC were amazing for building crates and moving my gun safe. I would recommend you keep them on the vendor list. The third party for the safe in NYC, now 10 days after the move, has yet to contact me. Not good. We were extremely happy with United and the experience overall.

  • Edith S.
    Cary, NC
    to Albany, GA
    March 30, 2017

    I was pleased with United from receiving the initial quote thru the delivery of my furnishings.

  • John C.
    Apex, NC
    to Wexford, PA
    March 20, 2017

    The staff were very helpful and patient throughout the entire process. I do not know if there is an uncomplicated move but our move had many challenges.

  • Michael F.
    Raleigh, NC
    to Atlanta, GA
    March 20, 2017

    My driver Dallas was very professional, personable, and worked really hard to ensure that I was happy with everything.

  • Karen W.
    Chpl Hl, NC
    to Charlottesville, VA
    March 14, 2017

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • James G.
    Raleigh, NC
    to Marietta, GA
    March 07, 2017

    Very happy with all aspects of the move

  • Michael R.
    Cary, NC
    to Las Cruces, NM
    March 07, 2017

    Overall, the entire experience was great! There is one comment I would like to make regarding the use of electronic tablet to inventory on the day of packing. The Packers stated they would forward a copy of the inventory to my email. We did not receive an email with the inventory and consequently, when unpacking at the destination we did not have a copy of the Packers inventory. I had to resort to borrowing the neighbors computer and printer to print out the Packers inventory at the destination so that we would have a list of items to check off.

  • Sharon B.
    Chpl Hl, NC
    to Sheridan, MT
    February 22, 2017

    We were very pleased with all aspects of the move. Everyone did a great job.

  • Ed A.
    Burlington, NC
    to Louisville, KY
    January 30, 2017

    An excellent experience all the way through. That despite the very short amount time given. Folks were in touch and available. ALL the folks involved were curious, experienced, and punctual. I could not have asked for more!

  • Nissim L.
    Cary, NC
    to Cooper Cy, FL
    January 26, 2017

    We moved from NC to FL Very professional and responsible team. Get on time. Complete the project perfectly Fair price and very good service

  • Sandy W.
    Chpl Hl, NC
    to Yulee, FL
    January 18, 2017

    Walter and crew did an excellent job. They were polite and courteous. Nothing was damaged. We enjoyed talking to the movers

  • Jim And Johnnie L.
    Zebulon, NC
    to Rogersville, TN
    January 16, 2017

    It was outstanding from Chris & Debbie to Charlie &his team. Everyone was courteous, kind and gracious. The van team were the most hardworking men that we had seen in the last 20 years with a number of moves. We have shared with friends & family they were not just an "a" team but "aaa."

  • Alison B.
    Chpl Hl, NC
    to Acton, MA
    January 04, 2017

    From the interaction with the scheduler to the estimator to the mover, my entire experience was EXCELLENT!

  • Ishleen T.
    Morrisville, NC
    to Salem, OR
    January 03, 2017

    Very efficient and quick both in service and response. Debbie & Chris in the North Carolina office were great!!! Movers who came to our house in NC, were fantastic!

  • Adam N.
    Raleigh, NC
    to Atlanta, GA
    January 02, 2017

    Best move experience I've had over the last ten years and 4 out of state moves. Very professional group of people on both the crew and at the office. Always available for questions. Great group of folks.

  • Carol K.
    Chpl Hl, NC
    to Fls Ch, VA
    December 13, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Sanders A.
    Raleigh, NC
    to W Palm Bch, FL
    December 07, 2016

    Excellent customer service by Chris Thurman plus great packing, moving, and delivery.

  • Melissa A.
    Wake Forest, NC
    to Madison, NH
    December 07, 2016

    Daniel Fuchs, our driver and the lead mover, was wonderful, informative, efficient and extremely helpful during the loading and unloading process. His two seperate crews were very helpful and careful. The process went smoothly. The sales rep didn't estimate enough for pictures so we had to pack some ourselves but he was slightly over on his weight estimate so we received a slight credit. It might be helpful to add phone calls in the days leading up to the move to make sure packing is staying on schedule to avoid last minute stress for both parties.

  • Ronald E.
    Rocky Mt, NC
    to Indianapolis, IN
    December 06, 2016

    Couldn't get the days correct on the final move. Damage done to several items that needed repaired or replaced. Movers and packers where on time and professional.

  • Linda L.
    Roxboro, NC
    to Aurora, IL
    November 28, 2016

    They did great, both ends. The movers were thorough and friendly.

  • Ravi K.
    Cary, NC
    to Leawood, KS
    November 16, 2016

    I am completely satisfied with United van Lines and the perfect manner they moved my household goods from Cary, NC to Leawood, KS in a timely fashion and without loosing a single item!Credit goes to Chris Thurman and Debbie Brant as well as the driver: Eddie!!

  • Terry B.
    Durham, NC
    to Ft Myers, FL
    November 12, 2016

    very happy.....guys were great friendly and polite. we only lost a few items.

  • Justin M.
    Morrisville, NC
    to Sandy, UT
    November 02, 2016

    My experience with united vanlines was excellent, their staffing group is excellent I had no issues whatsoever, my goods was not damaged they delivered it the time they said and all I can say they are truly excellent and I would recommend them to anyone...Thank U United!!!!

  • Kathy C.
    Cary, NC
    to Baraboo, WI
    October 13, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Brenda J.
    Rolesville, NC
    to Yardley, PA
    October 03, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Peter B.
    Chpl Hl, NC
    to Vestal, NY
    September 23, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Marion I.
    Wake Forest, NC
    to Lecanto, FL
    September 22, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Diane R.
    Randleman, NC
    to Ladson, SC
    September 21, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Cheryl F.
    Youngsville, NC
    to Los Angeles, CA
    September 08, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Ann Nicole N.
    Raleigh, NC
    to Manassas, VA
    August 17, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Kristie M.
    Morrisville, NC
    to Mt Laurel, NJ
    August 15, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Penny T.
    Cary, NC
    to Melrose, NY
    August 06, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Rick L.
    Burlington, NC
    to Sebastian, FL
    July 20, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Pinakpani R.
    Chpl Hl, NC
    to Palo Alto, CA
    July 16, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Dario R.
    Durham, NC
    to Providence, RI
    July 06, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Virginia P.
    Cary, NC
    to Winfield, IL
    May 25, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Lois S.
    Durham, NC
    to Virginia Bch, VA
    May 20, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Kris S.
    Cary, NC
    to Glenwood Sprs, CO
    May 18, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Donna S.
    Hope Mls, NC
    to Vero Bch, FL
    April 26, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Ross N.
    Durham, NC
    to Tallahassee, FL
    April 25, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Dan H.
    Fuquay Varina, NC
    to Bonne Terre, MO
    April 21, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Heidi K.
    Thomasville, NC
    to Bryan, TX
    April 13, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Becky G.
    Clarksville, VA
    to Oreland, PA
    March 31, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Nancy W.
    Littleton, NC
    to Midlothian, VA
    March 28, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Karolyn P.
    Durham, NC
    to Wayzata, MN
    March 17, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Karolyn P.
    Durham, NC
    to Hudson, OH
    February 22, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

  • Michael W.
    Durham, NC
    to Nolensville, TN
    January 13, 2016

    No review comments provided for this rating.

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