5 Tips for Throwing a Memorable, Stress-Free Housewarming Party

You’ve said goodbye to your old address, officially made your move and set up your belongings. Now, it’s time to show off your new pad. While throwing a housewarming party may seem overwhelming after making a big move, it doesn’t have to be.  

While not requisite, it is a great way to welcome friends, family and neighbors to your residence, while opening the door to forming new bonds.  

Fortunately, with a few handy tips, it can be easier than you’d expect. 

Take Your Time 

Give yourself time to settle in before thinking about hosting a gathering in your home. Since guests will likely want to tour your house, be purposeful, taking time to welcome visitors before you feel ready. Throwing your bash a month — or two — after your move-in date is perfectly fine.  

Planning a rehab? Wait until that’s done and consider taking before and after photos to show off the transformation. Then, display them during your gathering. 

Send Invitations 

In addition to lending a personal touch, sending a housewarming invitation on paper or via email sets the tone for the event.  

Because a housewarming party is usually planned as an open house, it allows guests to come and go at a time best for them. Choose a duration between four and six hours, knowing if it spans mealtimes food should be served. 

Want to let guests know they shouldn’t bring gifts? Be sure to note it on the invitation. 

Planning to invite a select group of people to your housewarming? That’s perfectly fine. You can still alert a wider group to your new address by sending out separate “change of address” cards, whether by mail, email or text. 

Plan Food 

Keep your affair casual — including when it comes to food. Plan to serve nibbles rather than attempting to offer a full-on meal. Remember, your goal is to mingle and be a consummate host(ess). 

While catering is an option, serving homemade food is more thoughtful. However, be sure to consider guests’ dietary preferences and restrictions, serving options that are gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan.  

Want your bites to do double duty? Design an interactive DIY spread, such as a baked potato bar, design-your-own Mexican feast or chili, complete with a meat-free version and toppings galore. Doing so takes the pressure off, while letting guests customize their eats. 

Skip the Decorations 

Keep decorations simple — or gasp! — don’t decorate at all. A bouquet of fresh flowers, a bunch of balloons and “welcome” sign is enough if you do. 

More important is making sure your home is clean and organized, whether you do it yourself or use a housecleaning service. For good reason, you’ll want a tidy, sparkling clean home you’re proud to show off. 

Curate Your Tunes 

A good playlist is key to a successful housewarming party. Compile a list of crowd-pleasers in a range of genres so your tunes appeal to diverse tastes. Keep your selection upbeat and friendly to all ages and persuasions, too. Need some ideas? Check out our United Van Lines playlist on Spotify for inspiration. 

With a little advance planning and a few thoughtful — but unfussy — touches, it’s easy to throw a housewarming party that’s enveloping and emblematic of who you are, one that lets you spend time with those near, dear and new. 

Want some more tips and tricks for settling into your new home? Check out our blog for everything from decorative ideas and advice to articles on self-care, making new friends and hitting the great outdoors

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