8 Airbnb Decorative Ideas for Your Home 

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Short-term rentals are a favorite among travelers seeking a comfortable home away from home. It makes sense since privately owned properties — which often feel like a nod to staged homes — have character, as well as amenities hotels simply don’t offer. 

Additionally, short-term rentals offer a glimpse into how locals live and what their neighborhoods are like. Staying in one is a way to get the pulse of a place, to live among locals — if only for a short time.  

Inviting and immersive, the best ones also have curb appeal and can serve as a source of inspiration, offering decorative ideas to incorporate once you’re back home.  

Here are a few tips from short-term rentals you can take and make your own. 

Incorporate Colorful Accents 

White, bright and airy properties with neutral-hued furniture stand out, providing a blank slate for vibrant — not to mention swappable — accessories. Grab some brightly hued pillows, rugs and framed artwork of your own to set a cheery, welcoming tone in your home. 

 Prioritize Serenity 

Super-star hosts know decorative chaos is the opposite of relaxing. When decorating your home, incorporate peaceful touches, such as a reading nook, spa-worthy walls or a trickling fountain to create a sense of tranquility. 

Consider Durability 

Simply put, short-term rentals are a revolving door, with a new set of guests arriving every few days. Because of this, they must decoratively handle the hustle. Although your residence may host only an occasional overnight, it’s subject to wear and tear of its own. Choosing pieces that are stylish, but durable and easily cleaned, offers the most bang for your buck. 

Go Green 

Whether it’s incorporating dwarf fruit trees, windowsill succulents or a potted flora, indoor plants are, quite literally, a breath of fresh air. Studies have also shown that indoor plants can improve focus, improve mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety. 

Create an Outdoor Space 

Serving as an extension of your home, an outdoor space gives you a place to “get away from it all.” Whether it’s sectional seating and a gas or woodburning fireplace or a dining area for entertaining guests, giving your outdoor space equal weight feels thoughtful, while promoting self-care. 

Consider Your Location 

Some of the coolest vacation rentals take cues from their surroundings, whether it’s a beachside getaway, a woodland hideaway or an urban escape. From your home’s architectural history to your neighborhood and proximity to local amenities, nods to its roots help create a sense of place. 

Keep it Sparse 

One thing the most beautiful short-term rentals have in common is a lack of clutter. Evaluate your countertop and closet space, adding inconspicuous storage to keep disorganization at bay. And don’t be afraid to cut the “fat.” By editing the visuals, you can create a more purposeful, clean-lined space. 

Invest in Aromatherapy 

Have you ever stayed at a hotel or short-term rental that smelled fantastic? There’s no reason your home can’t, too. From choosing aromatherapeutic cleaning products to enlisting a diffuser or buying a scented candle or two, introducing an elegant, understated fragrance feels uplifting and luxurious. 

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