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States With the Most Attractive Retirement Benefits 

What makes a particular state a great retirement destination really comes down to a combination of things that vary widely from person to person.
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Small City

Big Cities to Small Cities Trend

Perhaps people are just looking for something different: A slower pace, fewer distractions, wide open spaces or an opportunity to bond with people and places that have a deeper meaning
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Suburban homes

Cost of Living, Affordability and Moving Trends 

The reasons behind a decision to move are often just as fascinating as where people wind up relocating.
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A man walking in the forest

How Moves in 2022 Helped People "Buy Back" Time

Often, the emotional journey of moving is a way for people to “buy back” time, to live their best lives, surrounded by who — and what — matters most.   Looking
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Washington state

Top 6 Cities to Move to in 2022

According to United Van Lines 2022 Annual National Movers Study, the 46th of its kind, retirement and being closer to loved ones continue as top motivators to move.   But you
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