Pre-Move Planning

Ready to begin planning for your move? Check out all of our “Before You Move” moving guidance below. We have put together a helpful collection of insights, including tips on saving money on your moving costs, decluttering, identifying moving scams and so much more! Dive in!

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woman cuddling with a dog

Tips for Moving with a Dog

Worried your clever canine will stress out during your move? Here are some tips to smooth their transition.
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van parking at a national park

Nomadic Living: Saying Goodbye to the Typical Home

Always dream of a life on the road? Whatever your stage in life — and for however short-term or long — we can help you make the move.
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What to Consider for a Mudroom Redo

Is your mudroom looking a bit muddled? Check out some tips for making the most of the space.
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Are You Brave Enough for a Unique Home?

Considering going against the grain? Moving to an atypical home has its pluses and challenges.
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suburban homes

What You Should Know About Having an HOA 

Living in an HOA-governed community has definite benefits—and drawbacks. Check out a few facts to help you decide whether an HOA is a good fit.
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Packing for donations

Charities That Offer Free Donation Pickup 

Do you have items to donate, but can’t drop them off? Check out our list of charities that will pick up donations from your home.
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Friends chatting on the couch

Move Delayed? Tips For Living with a Friend or Relative Short-Term

Living with friends or relatives until move day? Here’s how to get through the in-between phase.
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man working in his home office

Retreat or Retrench? What If Your Move Was a Bad Idea?

Just moved, but not loving where you’re living? Check out our tips for turning the situation in your favor.
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a couple with moving boxes

Considerations When Moving to a Different Climate

Moving to a different climate? See our tips for weathering the transition.
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Give Your Home a Fresh Face (Without Breaking the Bank) 

Is the living space you’re moving into a bit uninspiring?
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Couple working on the couch

Advice for When You’re Merging Two Households

Blending two homes into one harmonious space can be challenging.
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Couple Moving In

Tips for Moving in With Your Partner 

Moving in together is a big step.
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