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how a move works

How a Long-distance Move Works

Let’s go beyond pick-up and delivery for a glimpse into the careful planning behind every United Van Lines move.
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The Pros and Cons of Going Solar

Is solar energy the right choice for your new home? Here are the pros and cons involved in making the switch.
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Icon. Spokesperson. Friend-in-Need. How Bette Made Moving Better

Promoting everything from frosted corn flakes to auto insurance, quick service burgers to brownie mixes, corporate mascots help build a brand’s identity.
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Washington state

Top 6 Cities to Move to in 2022

According to United Van Lines 2022 Annual National Movers Study, the 46th of its kind, retirement and being closer to loved ones continue as top motivators to move.   But you
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Where – and Why – did Retirees Move in 2021?

You’ve had a long (and hopefully successful) career, seen the loved ones around you grow up and leave the nest and now it’s time to prepare for that next big
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Data Illustrates More Moved to be Closer to Family in 2021

From education to employment and entertainment, the pandemic caused us to rethink virtually every aspect of daily life. Priorities shifted. Consumer expectations got rejiggered.
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Fewer People Moved for Work in 2021

The “Great Resignation.” Most everyone has heard about it by now. The premise?
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How to Manage Moving Stress

People move for a wide variety of reasons. Not surprisingly, stress and emotions are often involved.
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Would You Have Guessed These Were the Most (and Least) Popular Cities in 2020?

Check out the top most popular cities in 2021. In our previous article, we discussed this year’s Annual Migration Study and shared information about migration across states in 2020.
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Survey Results: Moving Trends During COVID-19 Pandemic

Not only has COVID-19 changed the landscape of our daily routines, it has also influenced decisions on lifestyle, specifically, where and how we want to live going forward.
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What 2020 Factors Impacted Migration Across the US? Let’s Find out!

Without a doubt, 2020 was a unique year.
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Ready for Work: 18 to 34-Year-Olds Chose to Move North and East in 2019

One of the most interesting trends from the 2019 United Van Lines’ National Movers Study and reports throughout the year is the hefty migration that’s happening between California and Texas.
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