Designing a Bathroom That Brings Inner Zen

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Is the vibe of one (or more) of the bathrooms in your new home more chaotic than calming? The good news is you don’t need an expensive remodel to transform it into a spa-like sanctuary. Creating a serene space doesn’t require a complete renovation. With a few simple changes, your bathroom can become your new favorite place to unwind and de-stress. 

Clear Out, Coordinate and Declutter 

To create a minimalist, Zen-like feel in your bathroom, keep only the essentials. Store everything in cabinets or drawers and get matching dispensers for hand soap, lotion and toothbrushes. Select natural materials like stone, wood, rattan, and bamboo for a calming ambiance and replace synthetic rugs, shower curtains and organizers with natural fiber versions.  

Tone Down the Walls and Windows 

Keep the color palette simple and neutral. Paint the walls in a soothing hue of white, cream, light brown or gray. A few decorative touches like a plush bathmat, luxurious towels and a lidded basket for linens can make a big impact without taking up a lot of space. Keep window treatments simple and use natural fibers and colors. Need some help? Check out these tips for choosing a great color scheme

Choose Soothing Lighting and Scents 

Swap out harsh overhead lighting for soft ambient fixtures. String lights, sconces or a lantern emit a warm, relaxing glow. Add a few drops of lavender, eucalyptus or jasmine essential oil to a diffuser. The aromatic scents evoke tranquility and help relieve stress. You can also put a few drops in a warm bath for a cleansing, therapeutic soak.  

Add Greenery and Natural Elements  

Bring nature inside with houseplants, natural wood accents or botanical prints. The refreshing, organic feel will help you unwind. Place a few plants around the room. Snake plants, pothos and orchids thrive in humid conditions. Group a few plants together on the counter or hang them in front of a window. 

Hang art featuring natural landscapes. Prints of forests, beaches or botanicals visually transport you to a serene place. Keep the palette limited to greens, blues and neutrals for maximum Zen. 

Use Candles to Promote Relaxation 

Group a few candles together on the counter, windowsill or edge of the tub for a spa vibe. Tealights, votives and small pillar candles in relaxing scents like lavender, chamomile or jasmine work well. Be sure to extinguish all candles before leaving the room or going to sleep. 

With just a few touches, you can craft a bathroom that calms the mind and soothes the senses. Keep things simple, natural and uncluttered to enjoy an oasis of Zen, even if just for a few blissful moments. Your mind and body will thank you. While you’re relaxing, why not check out more tips for inexpensive décor upgrades for every room in the house. 

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