Hidden Gems in Dallas

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Cowboys. Cheerleaders. Big hair. An eponymous soap opera. At the end of the day, the “Big D” just doesn’t go small.  

Often (resentfully) grouped together with nearby Fort Worth and anchoring the largest metropolitan area in the Southern U.S., Dallas is the birthplace of Morgan Fairchild, Meat Loaf and Luke and Owen Wilson. It also fostered the likes of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Erykah Badu and Norah Jones. Mark Cuban, Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman, George W. and Laura Bush also call the city home. 

A sports lover’s paradise, Dallas is — despite what stereotypes suggest — an art lover’s dream. Here, world-class museums and a bevy of other cultural riches await.  

And did you know Dallas is where the margarita machine was invented? German chocolate at the good old 7-11, too. Whether you favor James Beard Award-winning chefs, revel in architecture or enjoy hiking the day away, Dallas delivers in droves. 

Just settling in or considering a move to the Dallas area? Explore it through a local lens.  

Hiding in plain sight, tucked off of main drags, nestled between office buildings and outside of hotels, cool locales await. Beyond the city’s touristy spots, discover unique, off-the-beaten-path and only-in-Dallas experiences you won’t soon forget. 

Dallas was the hometown of notorious criminals, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, who often returned to visit family. After robbing banks and eluding capture by police across multiple states, the duo met their demise while driving a stolen car in Louisiana. They were later buried in Dallas, Bonnie at Crown Hill Memorial Park and Clyde at Western Heights Cemetery.  

When you need a quiet, peaceful place, head to Thanks-Giving Square, a hidden gem in the Thanksgiving Commercial Center in downtown Dallas. With water flowing through it, it’s more than a park — it’s also a place for urbanites to reflect on and express gratitude. Don’t forget to visit the magical Chapel of Thanksgiving, situated at the back of the park. It features beautiful stained-glass windows that set the tone for worship, meditation and mindfulness.  

For a change of pace, take a trail ride at Beaumont Ranch, located amid rolling hills about 90 minutes outside the city. Set on 800 boundless acres in Grandview, the working cattle ranch has a herd of  Texas longhorns, plus horses, goats and llamas.  

Now for something decidedly strange.: A 30-foot , glow-in-the-dark Giant Eyeball in downtown Dallas. Created in 2007 by artist Tony Tasset, the realistic fiberglass rendering is set within a scenic garden. 

A pretty escape in urban climes — and well worth venturing beyond Dallas proper for — the Fort Worth Water Gardens is an architectural and engineering wonder filled with tranquil water features, such as a reflecting pool lined with bald cypress. Meanwhile, its Aerated Pool is a terraced canyon of concrete, where rushing water tumbles to a basin 38 feet below. In the heart of it all, Central Square is marked by a grove of Bradford pears. 

Specializing in locally grown plants, fruits, vegetables and natural eats, Ruibal’s Plants/Rosemade Market has four outposts around the Metroplex. Just wandering through the display gardens is enough to make you smile. Its greenhouses are equally enjoyable, especially on a rainy — or cold — day. 

Not to be overlooked is the hip Bishop Arts District in North Oak Cliff. Filled with indie boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, bars and galleries, it was once the site of Dallas’ busiest trolley stop. Now, the revitalized neighborhood is also recognized for its distinctive, colorful murals.

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