How to Pack a Computer for Moving

How to Pack Televisions & Electronics

If possible, use the original box and packing materials when packing a television. If you do not have that available, use a television carton and packing materials to secure your television. Use two people to wrap a TV. If it is a very large television, we recommend custom crating.
  1. Remove cables and accessories, and pack them in a separate box.
  2. Use bubble pack to protect your TV, taking care not to tape the TV directly.
  3. Use two boxes as a stand to make it easier to pack the TV. Use the foam inserts that came with the box to secure the TV in the carton.
  4. Close the carton and secure with packing tape.
  5. Label the front of the box with “Glass” and “This end up”.

Electronics are Sensitive to Temperature and Static

Computers and tablets contain valuable work-related, personal and financial data most of us cannot afford to lose. Naturally, you want to safeguard it from loss or damage. With careful planning and proper packing, your computer can be transported safely when you relocate.

Before the move

If you do not have an exact record of the cost of your computer equipment (including accessories and software), you may want to obtain a current retail cost estimate, taking into consideration its current condition, prior to selecting a protection plan from your mover. United Van Lines can offer full-value protection against possible loss or damage.


Your moving company is best qualified to properly pack your home computer. If you choose to pack it yourself, your computer should be placed in its original carton and packing material when possible. If you have discarded the original packaging, choose a sturdy box large enough to permit you to surround the computer with packing material. Crumpled, unprinted newspaper and plastic bubble wrap are recommended as a protective cushion and can be purchased from your local United agent. All electronics are sensitive to heat and cold. Among other things, warping can occur with extreme temperatures that build up inside a moving van. As a precaution, you may choose to back up your files to an external drive before your move and place it in a separate box. If you are moving a printer, remove the toner and any ink cartridges. You should carry the cartridges with you, especially if your move occurs during hot weather. For other types of printers, the printer head should be secured – preferably with the original cardboard or plastic parts – to prevent it from shifting. Be sure to refer to the owner’s manual for preparations specific to your printer model. The remainder of your accessories should be packed in crumpled, unprinted newsprint in the bottom of a sturdy box. For additional instructions on packing specialized electronics, please refer to your owner’s manual.

At delivery

Carefully check and mark off the inventory when your shipment is delivered. Allow the computer to reach room temperature before attempting to use it. If it has been particularly cold, watch for condensation as moisture also can cause damage. If you have any loss or damage, contact your United agent for assistance.    

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