According to United Van Lines’ 45th Annual Mover Study, Alabama was the 6th most popular state people moved to in 2021. 

If you’re wanting to move to Alabama, whether for a job or your family, for its history in the Civil Rights Movement, or for college football, the moving experts at United Van Lines can help. Keep reading for tips, tricks, and everything you need to know to make your move to Alabama stress-free. 

Why Are People Moving to Alabama?

United Van Lines Annual Movers study is based on states with more than 250 household moves. In 2021, Alabama experienced inbound traffic of 62%, making it one of the 10 most popular states to move to. Based on the study, both Dothan and Huntsville, AL were among the top 15 popular cities for movers in the country.

45.3% of people moving to Alabama did so for work. Other popular reasons to move to Alabama included family (26.7%), retirement (16.3%), lifestyle (12.8%), and health (4.1%).

Jobs in Alabama

Jobs were the number one reason why people moved to Alabama in 2021. 

From November 2020 to November 2021, the unemployment rate in Alabama dropped from 1.6% while the employment rate improved 2.2%.

Alabama has been ranked as having one of the best business climates in the United States, according to an Area Development survey. The state’s number sixth ranking is the result of its “favorable business environment, a motivated workforce, and a support system that helps foster success.” 

Automobile manufacturing is one of the hottest industries in the state and attracted more than 1.6 billion in new investments in 2020. 

Distribution and logistics are also growing, with over 2,000 new jobs created in 2020 alone. 

Life is Sweet at Home in Alabama

Low Cost of Living

Alabama’s low cost of living* really does make life sweet in this Southern state. 

On a national index of 100, Alabama falls at 88.8, making it the 4th most affordable state to live in. Housing falls at 70.3 on the index, well below the national index of 100. 

According to the Alabama Newscenter, the amount of new home listings in the state have increased, and homes are selling fast. 

Besides a low cost of living and active housing market, Alabama has something for every person moving to the state to enjoy.

Recreational Activities

If you love peanut butter, Dothan is known as the “Peanut Capital of the World,” with the country’s largest peanut festival held every year. 

Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores has two miles of beaches, with campgrounds, lodges, and places to hike, bike, kayak, swim, and more. 

History of Alabama

Alabama was the heart of the Civil Rights Movement during the mid-20th century. Across the state, there are many exhibits and museums including the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute giving you opportunities to reflect on the past, understand the history, and look to a future of equality.   

Alabama Sports

College football is also a staple of Alabama. It’s not unusual to hear the phrase “Roll Tide!” throughout the state, but especially in Tuscaloosa, where you can see the Crimson Tide at the University of Alabama. 

In Auburn, you’ll hear more support for the Tigers football team, which also has plenty of history. 

Weathering the Move to Alabama

Alabama’s weather is what you expect from the South – hot!

According to Weather Atlas, Alabama’s summers are some of the hottest in the country. However, cities along the coast tend to have a breeze that helps cool them off.

Winters tend to be mild, but temperatures can drop below freezing at night. Snow isn’t very common, but rain can be heavy in the spring. Falls are comfortable and beautiful with the changing colors. 

If you’re able to have some flexibility with your moving date, it’s important to be mindful of the weather. 

Where Are You Moving From?

United Van Lines is here to help your move, no matter where you’re moving from. Whether moving across the country or from a nearby state, our long-distance movers can help with packing, unpacking, storage and certainly moving your items to your new destination. For quicker moves across town or down the street, our local agents can perform the same services under their own businesses’ independent authorities and brands. 

If you consider moving on your own, we have tips for you to pack and prep your move like a pro.

Ready to Move to Alabama? Get a Quote Today

If you’re ready to live in Alabama and are considering using a professional moving company, United Van Lines has a variety of services and different moving plans that work best for you. View our moving services and complete an online moving quote to get started. 

MyUnited Move Portal

United Van Lines makes it easy to coordinate your move to Alabama and stay organized along the way. The MyUnited Move Portal personalizes and streamlines your moving experience. Use customized tools to keep track of all major moving milestones, organize contacts, and book your move online.

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