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Delaware’s nickname is “The First State,” and for many people moving in 2021, it was the first state they wanted to go to. In United Van Lines Annual Mover Study, Delaware was the 12th most popular state people moved to, and the number four state to move to for retirement. 

Delaware is the second smallest state in the country with just three counties. It is one of the least populated states making it appealing for those looking for a quaint, coastal lifestyle. If you’re thinking of moving to Delaware, keep reading for our top three reasons to make the move. 

Why are People Moving to Delaware?

In United Van Lines Annual Movers study, data is gathered on states with 250 or more household moves. In 2021, Delaware experienced inbound traffic of 59%. 

While 34.2% of people moving to Delaware cited retirement as their reason for moving, there were many other reasons for moving to the state. These included family (31.6%), lifestyle (17.7%), job (13.9%), and health (5.1%).

With no sales tax, a low population, beautiful beaches, and a laid-back feel, Delaware has something for everybody.

Retiring in Delaware

With six beach towns , each with their own style and charm, Delaware was practically designed to be ideal for retirees. The state is known for its laid-back coastal lifestyle, so whether you want to relax on the beach, tour historical sites, or eat and shop, there’s no shortage of things to do in Delaware.

Delaware is also just a short drive to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Baltimore, so weekend trips are easy to come by. No matter what type of place you’re looking to settle down in during retirement, Delaware is sure to have it. 

Some consider Delaware to be the most tax-friendly state for retirees, citing that  Delaware has no state taxes on state or local sales, estate or inheritance, and social security benefits. 

It’s also reported the state of Delaware also has low property taxes. These low tax rates can leave residents with more money to spend where they really want to. The reasons for retirement vary for everybody. Please consult with your tax and financial advisors based on your own, unique circumstances is always recommended.

Family Life in Delaware

Many of the benefits retirees enjoy in Delaware can be a similar draw for families moving to the state. Families see the lack of a state sales tax, relaxed lifestyle, and closeness to big cities while living in a small town are huge benefits.

There’s no shortage of family activities in Delaware. Explore the historical DuPont mansions or the 16,251 acres of Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. Here, you can view native animals, plants, and more. At Rehoboth Beach, there’s free beach access and plenty of dolphin sightings. 

The cost of living* in Delaware is reported lower than other East Coast states, making it of the most affordable states to live in.

Delaware Weather

When moving to Delaware, it’s important to keep the weather and time of year in mind. While summers are beautiful, the state can get crowded during tourist season. If moving during the summer, be prepared for crowds and plan accordingly. 

Winter, spring, and fall are all very comfortable, with fewer crowds. Winters can bring snow, but the temperatures and snowfall amounts are not usually very harsh.

No matter what time of year you’re moving to Delaware, plan your route ahead of time to avoid busy tourist areas, and pack your items securely. For tips on the right moving boxes to use and how to pack your items no matter the weather, read more

Where are You Moving from?

If you’re ready to call Delaware home, United Van Lines can help. Whether you move across the country or a neighboring state to Delaware, our movers can assist you with packing, unpacking, storage, and the long-distance move itself. 

For local moves between cities in Delaware, United Van Lines’ agents perform services under their own businesses’ independent authorities and brands.

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A professional moving company can make your move as breezy as the beaches in Delaware. United Van Lines offers a variety of moving plans and services that work best for you. View our moving services and complete an online quote request to get started.

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