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With a rich automotive history, the home of Motown, Great Lakes, and plenty of places to explore, Michigan has something for everyone. The state has always been a popular place to visit and live, and in 2020 their inbound traffic continued to grow.

Based on United Van Lines’ 2020 Annual Movers study, Michigan experienced inbound traffic 49.8%, quite a jump from 43.1% in 2019.

It’s no surprise people want to move to Michigan. The state offers an affordable cost of living, booming industries and is accessible for remote workers. The state is also full of unique history and culture.

If you’re thinking of becoming a Michigan resident, United Van Lines can help make it a stress-free process.

Why Are People Moving to Michigan?

Our Annual Movers study is based on states with household moves of 250 or more. Of the people moving to Michigan, the largest motivators were jobs (42.7%) and family (36.8%).

In 2020, jobs were the number one reason people moved to Michigan. The state was also the fifth most popular place to move to for family reasons.

Ages 65+ and 55-64 were the two most common age groups moving. People near retirement age may be moving to Michigan to be near family.

Moving can happen for a variety of reasons, or a combination of the above, but Michigan clearly appeals to everybody.

Working in Michigan

Long before the increase of remote work in 2020, Michigan has been a popular state to work from home. According to the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, Michigan is in the top 15 for states with the lowest cost of living. This allows your paycheck to spread farther while you enjoy the beauty of the state outside of work.

Moving to Grand Rapids, MI, places you in the number two “remote-ready city” for remote workers in the country. Ample resources, programs, and a diverse city provide opportunities to work and explore. 

In October 2020, Michigan’s governor announced a $12.7 million investment in broadband internet access project grants to be awarded within the state. Increased internet and technology support will only increase the popularity of remote work in the state.

The state’s booming industries also provide plenty of job opportunities. The state is home to large companies, including Ford Motor Company, General Motors Company, and Kellogg Company. 

The Motor City’s automotive history and manufacturing, the medical device technology, corporate services, digital media, and engineering industries are amongst the reasons for people to move to Michigan.

Family Life in Michigan

While affordability is a strong factor in considering a new job, it’s also a factor for families moving to Michigan. Michigan’s low cost of living combined with the Great Lake State’s natural beauty appeal to many families looking for their next adventure.

The state’s two peninsulas provide over 3,000 miles of freshwater shoreline from the four Great Lakes surrounding it. The water doesn’t stop there with over 36,000 miles of streams. Kayaking, fishing, swimming, and lounging on the beach are all popular in the upper peninsula.

Michigan is home to 5 national parks, 43 national historic landmarks, and over 100 state parks. Hiking, skiing, biking, and exploring are great draws for families to this beautiful state. Families can view the Northern Lights in Mackinaw City, snorkel around 116 shipwrecks in Thunder Bay, or go dog sledding in Marquette.

If the outdoors aren’t your thing, Michigan doesn’t fall short on delicious food. Visit the Vlasic pickle factory in Imlay City for a taste of this classic Michigan brand. Traverse City is the cherry capital of the world, with a week-long festival celebrating the tart cherry. You can also grab a bite of Detroit-style pizza, a coney dog, or Mackinac Island fudge.

For the sport-enthusiasts, downtown Detroit gives you the Detroit Tigers, Lions, Red Wings, and the Pistons. Living in the college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan gives you plenty of chances to get a Wolverines game at the University of Michigan.

Living in Michigan also gives families an opportunity to enjoy the rich history, culture, and music scene. With the birthplace of Motown, The Henry Ford Museum and other historical landmarks, there is always plenty to explore in Michigan.

Weathering the Move to Michigan

Trading in hot weather for cold winter and moving from Texas to Michigan? Switching from oceans to freshwater and moving from Florida to Michigan? No matter where you’re moving from, United Van Lines has you covered.

We can help with storage, packing, and the actual moving day for long-distance moves. For local moves within Michigan, our local agents provide services under their own businesses’ independent authorities and brands.

Ready to Move to Michigan? Get a Quote Today!

If you’re ready for remote work, family life, eating, and exploring in Michigan, a professional moving company can help. United Van Lines’ variety of moving plans and services make your move smooth and stress-free. View our moving services and complete an online quote to get started.

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