Moving to Mississippi

Mississippi is known as “The Magnolia State” for its abundance of Magnolia trees. 

The Magnolia State is full of history, music, and beautiful outdoors. Did you know there are 9 sites that are part of the National Park System in Mississippi? 

In 2021, people were drawn to Mississippi. The state had inbound traffic of 48% according to United Van Lines’ Annual Mover Study.

If you’re wanting to move to Mississippi, whether to experience its natural beauty or for other reasons, the moving experts at United Van Lines can help. Learn more tips and tricks in our Mississippi moving guide below.

Why Are People Moving to Mississippi?

United Van Lines’ Annual Movers Study is based on states with household moves of 250 moves or more.  In 2021, 35.53% of Mississippi’s inbound traffic cited jobs as the reason for their move.

Other popular move factors were retirement (27.6%), family (25%), and lifestyle (13.2%). The most popular age group moving to Mississippi are 65 and older, with a rate of 39.3%.

Jobs in Mississippi

Opportunities continue to grow in Mississippi. From November 2020 to November 2021, Mississippi’s employment rate increased by 2.1% and the unemployment rate dropped 1.7%, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

One of the largest industries in Mississippi is agriculture, employing 17.4% of the state’s workforce, with over 34,000 farms that cover over 10 million acres. 

The automotive industry is another popular employer in Mississippi. Nissan and Toyota are among the top employers in the state. 

Ashley Homestore and La-Z-Boy are also large employers, with the state’s access to timber making it an ideal setting for furniture manufacturing. 

Living in Mississippi

Mississippi is the most affordable state to live in, with an overall cost of living score of 83.3* (the national average is 100). 

The state also ranks high for affordability in grocery, housing, utilities, transportation, and health costs. Housing costs are 40% lower than the national average, according to the Mississippi Development Authority. 

With a lower cost of living and housing costs, people moving to the Magnolia State Mississippi can have more money to enjoy all that Mississippi has to offer. 

Gulfport Mississippi beach.

Outdoor Recreation

There’s a lot to do in the Magnolia State.

Go biking, hiking, fishing or wildlife watching. You can also take a kayak trip through the state’s many rivers and creeks. There are many more unique activities that can make you feel like a local (faster), such as shrimping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, horse riding, and hunting or sport shooting.

Arts, History and Culture

Mississippi and Jackson itself are also rich with the history of the Civil War and Civil Rights Movement.  The state capital building in Jackson or the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum are the great places to go to if you and the family want to learn about these historic events in-depth. 

Mississippi has a rich music history, and there’s plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in it. 

The Delta Blues Museum is in the Delta region, “the land where the blues began.” The state is also home to the GRAMMY Museum and B.B. King Museum. 

Whether you enjoy museums and history, being outside on the beach, or shopping and dining, Mississippi offers a variety of things to do, and at a low cost of living.

Weathering the Move to Mississippi

Mississippi is a true southern state, with warm, humid summers, and mild winters. 

Springs receive a lot of rainfall and contribute to the humid weather. When considering your move, it might be best to avoid the summers just because of the humidity. 

Winters can get cold but are rarely bitter or uncomfortable. Fall through early spring are some of the best times to visit the state. Moving during these seasons could make your move easier. Regardless of when you’re moving, it’s always important to check the weather ahead of time and be prepared for anything. Read some packing tips and tricks from United Van Lines.

Where Are You Moving From?

Trading the East Coast or Northeast for the Gulf Coast? Our long-distance movers help with packing, storage, and the move itself. 

If you just need moving services within the state of Mississippi, our local agents perform the same services for in-state moves  under their own businesses’ independent authorities and brands.

Ready to Move to Mississippi? Get a Quote Today!

If you’re ready to plan your move to the Magnolia State, a professional moving company can make all the difference. Our moving plans and services are catered to your move and what works best for you. 

View our moving services and complete an online quote to get started.

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