Moving to North Carolina

The Great Smoky Mountains, The Blue Ridge Mountains, and charming beach towns. North Carolina has a little bit of everything. It’s also the birthplace of Pepsi and Krispy Kreme, and home to the site of Orville and Wilbur Wright’s first 12-second flight. 

And for many people, North Carolina is home. In 2021, North Carolina was the 13th most popular state to move to, according to United Van Lines’ 45th Annual Mover Study. While people may not be moving to North Carolina to get their Krispy Kreme fix, the state has many other things to offer for everyone. 

If you’re wanting to move to North Carolina, United Van Lines can help. Keep reading for more reasons to move to North Carolina, and how United Van Lines can make the move stress-free.

Why are People Moving to North Carolina?

United Van Lines conducts an annual Movers Study, gathering data based on household moves of states with 250 moves or more. In 2021, North Carolina experienced inbound traffic of 59%.

The reasons people moved to North Carolina were spread out across the board, showing that the state has something for everybody. The most common moving reasons included: family (31.8%), jobs (28.1%), retirement (26.8%), lifestyle (21.4%), and health (5.1%). 

According to our 2021 study, North Carolina was the 12th most popular state people moved to for retirement.

Retiring in North Carolina

Some consider North Carolina to be a very tax-friendly state for retirees, with a lot of benefits. According to Kiplinger, there are no taxes on social security benefits, low property taxes, and no estate or inheritance taxes. The state also does not apply sales tax to groceries, but some local sales tax may apply .

One big benefit for eligible, retired residents (age 65+) in the Tar Heel State is that they can attend and audit classes at the campuses of the University of North Carolina and the state’s community colleges for free.  This incentive provides a great opportunity for seniors  to audit interesting courses without paying for tuition. 

While North Carolina has many perks for retirement, conversations should be had with lawyers and attorneys about each person’s unique circumstances for clarification on tax laws and retirement advice. 

Quality of Life in North Carolina

Our 2021 Movers Study found that North Carolina was a popular state people moved to based on cost of living. This could have helped incentivize individuals looking to move for family and lifestyle. 

On a scale of 100, North Carolina’s cost of living falls at 96.4*, just below the national average. With housing, utilities, grocery, and transportation all coming in at low costs as well, families can save while still enjoying life in North Carolina.

The state has an abundance of highly respected research hospitals, medical facilities, and top-notch education institutions. Carolinas Medical Center and Duke University Medical Center are among the state’s largest hospitals, in addition to over 100 community hospitals.

Other top medical schools include East Carolina University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Wake Forest University. These schools provide some of the state’s best doctors and serve as some of the best hospitals.

North Carolina has an amazing cost of living and great medical resources, but it also provides a variety of activities for day-to-day life. 

Residents in this state can hike, bike, and explore the Great Smoky Mountains. The state also allows the opportunity to walk the grounds of the historic 250-room Biltmore House in Asheville, former home of George Vanderbilt.

You can catch a game at Durham Athletic Park, site of the famous 1988 movie, Bull Durham. Racing fans will love that the NASCAR Hall of Fame is in Charlotte. Residents can wine and dine at breweries and wineries around the many mountain and beach towns.

Living in Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, NC, was the 3rd most popular city people moved to in the state, according to our 2021 Movers Study, experiencing inbound traffic of 80%. Wilmington’s cost of living scores favorably, with affordable housing and groceries. 

As a port city, there is plenty of access to beaches, and fresh seafood in Wilmington. Wilmington is one of the nation’s most natural water sports hubs, and is one of the best surfing towns in the world. 

The city is home to University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and dozens of parks and historical sites. North Carolina, and particularly Wilmington provides the backdrop of hundreds of famous movies and TV shows. Here, you can visit some of the locations from “One Tree Hill,” “Dawsons’ Creek,” “Weekend at Bernie’s,” and more. 

Weathering the Move to North Carolina

North Carolina has pleasant weather all year round, though the summers can be hot, wet, and humid. Late spring brings heavy flooding depending on tropical storm patterns. The winter does not get extremely cold, but towns closer to the mountains can experience heavy snow. 

There isn’t necessarily a bad time of year to move to North Carolina, but no matter where or when you’re moving, it’s always important to prepare for weather conditions and know about the area you’re moving to.

United Van Lines’ tips and tricks for how to pack like a pro help make sure your items are packed securely, no matter the weather. 

Where are You Moving from?

Are you staying on the East Coast and moving to North Carolina? Are you moving to North Carolina from the West Coast? No matter where you’re moving from, United Van Lines can help with packing, storage, and the move itself. 

For local moves between cities in North Carolina, United Van Lines’ agents perform services under their own businesses’ independent authorities and brands.

Ready to Move to the Tar Heel State? Get a Quote Today!

Can’t wait any longer to become a North Carolinian? Start planning your move today with a professional moving company like United Van Lines. We have a variety of moving plans and services that fit with what you need. View our moving services and complete an online quote to get started. 

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