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As the home of Wilbur and Orville Wright and more astronauts than any other state, Ohio is known as the “Birthplace of Aviation.” The state is still a popular place for people to flock to and start their next adventure. In United Van Lines’ Annual Mover Study, Ohio had inbound traffic of 44% in 2020.

If you’re thinking of moving to Ohio, the moving experts at United Van Lines can help. Learn more tips, tricks, and reasons to move to the Buckeye State.

Why Are People Moving to Ohio?

United Van Lines Annual Movers study is based on states that had 250 household moves or more. In 2021, people moved to the Buckeye State for a variety of reasons including family (43.6%), jobs (39.2%), retirement (10%), lifestyle (9%), and health (5.7%). 

The ages of people moving to Ohio were fairly equal across the board, showing the state is appealing to a wide variety of people: 55+ (54%), 35-44 (17%), 45-54 (15.7%), and 18-34 (14.4%).

People can move for a variety of reasons, but we dig into some below.

Quality of Life in Ohio

The quality of life provided in Ohio can appeal to many people. With a cost of living ranked 17th(*)in the country, people can spend more on non-essentials. The state is also known for short commutes, top-ranked colleges, and opportunities to explore. 

Family-related reasons were a big draw for people moving to Ohio and the high quality of life ties in with these numbers. This reason could be combined with others (for example, someone took a new job to be closer to family or chose to retire in Ohio to be close to family.)

The variety of activities in Ohio provides something for everybody. If you live in Cleveland, catch a Browns, Indians (soon to be Guardians), or Cavaliers game. Catch a Reds game in Cincinnati or a college football game at The Ohio State University in Columbus.

Life in Columbus

Columbus, Ohio is the 14th largest city in the US, and a big draw for people moving to Ohio. It’s home to The Ohio State University, one of the largest colleges in the country.

The capital city is also home to several professional sports teams. Here, you’ll find a Major league soccer team, the Columbus Crew SC, the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets, and a Triple-A baseball team, the Columbus Clippers.

The high quality of life provided in Ohio doesn’t fall short in Columbus. The city’s cost of living is 10% lower than the national average, and ranked one of the top 10 big cities to live in.

The Job Industry in Ohio

Job-related reasons were the number one factor bringing people to Ohio in 2020. The state ranked number 10 on CNBC’s “Top States for Business 2021” list. With a lower unemployment rate, the state boasts ample job opportunity.

Some of the larger companies in the state with increased growth, include Quantum Health and Ericson Manufacturing. In October, 2020, over 15,000 new businesses were created in Ohio, setting up new jobs and opportunities for residents.

Throughout 2020, small and medium-sized companies received over $5 million in financial support, and another $8 million is expected for 2021. With Ohio’s steady economy, and plan for success, it’s no surprise people continue to move to the state for employment. 

Weathering the Move to Ohio

Ohio’s weather is typical for the Great Lake region of North America. There are hot summers and very cold, snowy winters, with pleasant springs and falls. If your moving date is flexible, you may wish to avoid the summer and winter due to the conditions. 

Regardless of when you’re moving, it’s always best to prepare for anything. Checking the weather conditions before you move and understanding the area you’re moving to is always a good idea. Learn more tips and tricks from United Van Lines about packing like a pro, no matter the weather.

Where Are You Moving From?

If you’re moving across the country or even to the next state, United Van Lines is here to help your move to Ohio. We can help with packing, storage, and the move itself. For local moves between cities in Ohio, United Van Lines’ local movers perform services under their own businesses’ independent authorities and brands.

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(*) The data made available here has been modified for use from its original source, which is the State of Missouri. THE STATE OF MISSOURI MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTY AS TO THE COMPLETENESS, ACCURACY, TIMELINESS, OR CONTENT OF ANY DATA MADE AVAILABLE THROUGH THIS SITE. THE STATE OF MISSOURI EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The data is subject to change as modifications and updates are complete. It is understood that the information contained in the Web feed is being used at one’s own risk.

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