Moving to Virginia

Virginia’s slogan is, “Virginia is for Lovers,” for a reason. Virginia is for lovers of family, history, mountain, beaches, and so much more. 

The variety of landscapes, rich history, and other things to do in the state, attract not only tourists, but also people wanting to call the state home. 

The “Mother of Presidents” state continues to attract people, and experienced inbound traffic 46.9% in 2020, based on United Van Lines’s Annual Movers Study.

Whether you’re moving to a D.C. suburb or a quiet beach town, United Van Lines can help with your move to Virginia. Learn more about top reasons to move to the state and how United Van Lines can help make it stress-free.

Why Are People Moving to Virginia?

United Van Lines’ annual Movers study is based on states with household moves of 250 or more. 

In 2020, people moved to Virginia for many reasons: family (31.8%), lifestyle (25%), job (18.2%), retirement (13.6%), and health (11.4%). The state was also the 4th most popular place people moved to for health reasons. 

The state’s natural beauty and place in our country’s history attracts a lot of people. We dig into some of the top reasons to move to Virginia below.

The Virginia Lifestyle

The top reasons people moved to Virginia last year were for family and lifestyle, which can sometimes go hand in hand. People might want a lifestyle change that will provide better opportunities for their family. Health was also a popular reason to move, which can be impacted by your lifestyle. 

Virginia’s cost of living(*) is higher than the national average, but it’s lower than nearby Maryland and Washington, D.C. Many people choose to live in Virginia and commute to D.C. due to a lower cost of living and different feel of the state.

The wide variety of scenery in Virginia provides a variety of things to do. Residents can hike the Appalachian Trail, Blue Ridge Mountains, or explore Shenandoah National Park.

Visiting or living in Virginia Beach gives you access to beautiful sandy coasts. Tour estates, beautiful gardens, and other tours throughout the state. In this state, you can wine and dine at over 200 breweries and cideries and more than 300 wineries.

Visit historical sites and reenactments in Colonial Williamsburg. Walk across battlefields from the American Revolution and  Civil War. 

Every family is different, and everybody has a different perspective on their lifestyle. Virginia’s variety of family activities and scenery provides something for everybody.

Adventurous mountain explorers, laid-back beach bums, or those who feel at home in a city can all find a lifestyle that works for them in Virginia.

Education in Virginia

Virginia is a great place to move if your goal is to learn. 

According to the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, Virginia is the 6th most educated state in the country. 38% of the state population has a bachelor’s degree or higher. As far as Southern States go, this is the top in the region. 

The state is full of excellent colleges and universities, including top-rated public and private schools.

By enrollment, George Mason University in Fairfax is the largest public research university in the state, with a student population over 39,000. 

Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth, the University of Virginia, and Old Dominion University are also well-known schools in the state with over 24,000 students each. 

Liberty University in Lynchburg is not only the largest private school in Virginia, it is the largest university in the state with an enrollment near 80,000. 

While Virginia is a great state to seek higher education, it also boasts strong secondary and primary education systems. 

Some of the state’s highest performing school districts are in Falls Church, Arlington, West Point, and Yorktown. From kindergarten through elementary school and high school, the education provided in Virginia is top-notch.

For parents with young children, consider Arlington. Jamestown Elementary School (public) and Arlington Traditional (magnet) are both among  top-rated public schools in the state.

Weathering the Move to Virginia

Virginia experiences all four seasons. Harsh winters, hot summers, and beautiful fall and spring. 

Summer, while hot, humid, and rainy, is tourist season. The fall can still be crowded with tourists because of the beautiful leaves changing and many festivals going on. 

Winters are cold, snowy, and are the least ideal time to move. If your moving date is flexible, the spring or fall would be the best time based on crowds and the weather.

If a winter move can’t be avoided, your move can still be stress-free. Check out United Van Lines’ winter moving tricks for how to prepare for a cold move. 

No matter when you’re moving, it’s important to prepare for any condition. View our moving tips for packing like a pro, no matter the weather. 

Where Are You Moving From?

Moving from NYC to Virginia for a more laid-back lifestyle? Moving across the country or just across the state line? No matter where you’re moving from, United Van Lines can help.

For cross-country moves, our long-distance movers can help with packing, storage, and moving. For local moves within the state of Virginia, United Van Lines’ local agents provide local moves under their own businesses’ independent authorities and brands.

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