Moving to Colorado

Colorful Colorado has always been a popular spot for family vacations, hiking adventures, and ski trips. In 2020, it was also a popular state for people to move to.

In United Van Lines’ 44th Annual Movers Study, Colorado experienced inbound traffic of 50.4%. This is just slightly lower than 2019’s 53.4%. Fort Collins and Boulder also fall high on the list of the top 25 cities people moved to in 2020.

The moving experts at United Van Lines have compiled advice, tips, and other information about things to know before moving. If you’re making the move to Colorado, learn more about how to make the process smoother and stress-free.

Why Are So Many People Moving to Colorado

United Van Lines’ Annual Movers Study is based on household moves of states with 250 moves or more. In 2020, Colorado was one of the top states people moved to for a lifestyle change. 20.2% of inbound traffic cited that as the reason, but it wasn’t number one.

The number one reason people are moving to Colorado is a tie for job-related and family-related reasons, each 32.6% of inbound traffic. Jobs and families can also play into lifestyle, so some reasons to move could be a combination. 32.6% of inbound traffic were people ages 65 and older, while 18.7% were ages 35-44, showing anybody can experience the wonder of Colorado.

While jobs and family were the main moving reasons, we dive into the lifestyle changes Colorado can offer below.

1. The Colorado Lifestyle

With Colorado’s natural beauty, the outdoor adventures you can have are limitless. 10 national parks and monuments, 25 scenic and historic byways, and 42 state parks provide plenty of opportunity to explore.

While nature’s playground can be reason enough to move to Colorado, the city and nightlife is also growing. Almost 200 craft breweries and over 100 wineries tucked away throughout cities and mountains will please any foodie. The food and drink scene Colorado offers can be a change people would like to incorporate into their lifestyle. 

The Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 allowed many people to work from home, and some people chose that home to be in Colorado. In a year when everything seemed to slow down and speed up all at once, the beauty of the state could be the exact change people needed.

2. Colorado Weather

While the beauty of Colorado can take your breath away, sometimes the cold and altitude can too. Colorado is known to have 300 days of sunshine every year, but elevation changes, cold winters, and snowfall also exists. 

When you’re preparing your move to Colorado, it’s important to keep weather components in mind. Depending on when you move, plan so you’re prepared for a September snow or a hot summer day.   Also prepare for elevation changes based on where you’re moving within the state. For advice on moving in the winter or in a cold climate, check out United Van Lines’ best moving tips. To make sure your items are properly packed and you’re ready for a move no matter the weather, browse more tips and tricks for packing like a pro.

3. Lifestyle Changes

It’s not called a lifestyle change for nothing. Your lifestyle in Colorado could change because you might be skiing more and going on hikes. But it could also change due to the cost of living in the state.

It may be Colorful Colorado, but it can also be Costly Colorado. The average cost of a home in Colorado is 66.1% higher than the national average. Colorado ranks below the national cost of living in several categories including Health and Utilities, this may be offset by the high cost of housing. While every city’s cost is different, this could impact the accessibility of home ownership, luxury purchases, and other spending. 

Colorado does offer a variety of landscapes, so you can find the best environment for you. If you’re moving to Colorado Springs or wanting to live in Denver for a big city feel, housing costs and other expenses could increase.

The cost of living in Colorado is rising. United Van Lines can work with you to help craft a moving plan to fit your budget no matter where you plan to live in the state.

Planning Your Move to Colorado

No matter where you currently live, United Van Lines is here to help you move. If you happen to be moving to Colorado from Texas, moving from California to Colorado, or anywhere between, we’re here for you. From packing, storage, and the move itself, our team supports your move.

If you already live in Colorado and are moving down the street or a few hours away, our Colorado movers are also ready to assist you. For local moves within the same state, our agents perform those moves under their businesses’ independent authorities and names.

Need Help Moving to Colorado?

Ready to make the move to Colorado? A professional moving company can make a big difference. United Van Lines has a variety of services and different moving plans catered to your needs. View our moving services and complete an online quote to get started.

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MyUnited Move Portal

Moving to Colorado takes coordination, and the MyUnited Move Portal helps you stay organized. This personalized portal helps keep track of all major moving milestones and contacts. You can even book your move online, streamlining the moving experience. When you’re ready to move, make it easy — with your MyUnited personalized move portal.

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