Moving to Georgia

As “The Peach State,” life in Georgia is peachy-keen! For a state full of Southern Charm, Georgia boasts cozy small towns and one of the fastest growing metro areas in the Deep South. With great public schools and affordable homes, Georgia is a great place to live.

In United Van Lines’ 44th Annual Mover Study, Georgia was listed among the top 60% of states people moved to during 2020. The state experienced inbound traffic of 51%, consistent with the past few years.

Whether in a small town or a large metro area like Atlanta, Georgia offers Southern hospitality at its finest. Interested in joining the crowd moving to Georgia? United Van Lines can help. Our experts have compiled moving advice, tips, and other information about what to know before moving. Learn more about how to make your move to Georgia as stress-free and smooth as possible.

Why Are People Moving to Georgia?

The United Van Lines’ Movers Study found people move to Georgia for a variety of reasons. 50% of inbound traffic cited a job as the reason for moving, making this the largest motivating factor.

Other reasons for moving include family (25.3%), retirement (11%), and lifestyle (4.6%).  

Jobs & Working in Georgia

Georgia may be “The Peach State,” but it’s also nicknamed “The Empire State of the South.” This name comes from Atlanta, which is home to a number of large companies including The Home Depot, Delta Airlines, and The Coca-Cola Company.

Georgia is also known for beautiful beaches along the Eastern coastline and mountains in the Northern and Southern portions of the State, providing a variety of landscapes to enjoy.

Weathering the Move

When moving to the South, you don’t often have to worry about harsh winters, but you do need to think about heat.

Moving to Georgia in the summer months can be challenging. The heat and humidity of Georgia summers can be harsh, especially if you are participating in a physical activity. Thunderstorms are also frequent in the summer in Georgia. . 

With mild winters, almost any other time of the year besides summer is a great time to move to Georgia! Browse United Van Lines’ tips and tricks for how to pack like a pro.

Where Are You Moving From?

No matter where you currently live, United Van Lines is here to help you in your move to Georgia.

If you’re moving from California to Georgia, crossing the Florida-Georgia line, or moving from another state, our long-distance movers are ready to assist. From packing, providing storage, to moving day itself, we can help, no matter the distance.

Moving down the street, from the other side of town, or across the state? Our Georgia movers can help with shorter distance moving trips. For local moves within the same state, our agents perform services under their businesses’ independent authorities and names.

Ready to Move to Georgia? Get a Quote Today!

Ready to make the move with a professional moving company? United Van Lines has a variety of services and different moving plans that work best for you. View our moving services and complete an online quote to get started.

MyUnited Move Portal

United Van Lines makes it easy to coordinate your move to Georgia and stay organized along the way. The MyUnited Move Portal personalizes and streamlines your moving experience. Use customized tools to keep track of all major moving milestones, organize contacts, and book your move online. Get started today with the expert movers at United Van Lines. 

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