Moving to Indiana

Indiana is full of fun factsI. It’s known for Santa Claus town, the Indiana Dunes, for producing more than 20% of the country’s popcorn supply and many more.

Why Are People Moving to Indiana?

If you plan to move to Indiana and become a Hoosier, United Van Lines can help. We’ve compiled tips, tricks, and what you need to know to prepare you for your move.

United Van Lines’ Annual Movers Study is based on data gathered from states with 250 or more household moves. In 2020, people moved to Indiana for a variety of reasons, with jobs (44.2%) and family (37.7%) as the biggest reasons. Other factors also include retirement (12.3%), lifestyle (9.1%), and health (4.6%).

The age groups moving to The Hoosier State were pretty equal across the board, showing the state is appealing to a wide variety of people. New Indiana residents consisted of the following age groups: 65+ (34.2%), 55-64 (18.8%), <18-34 (18.1%), 45-54 (17.5%), and 35-44 (11.4%).

Let’s focus on the number one reason people move to Indiana: Jobs.

Jobs in Indiana

Jobs were the number one factor bringing people to Indiana in 2020.  Indiana is home to large companies including Anthem, Eli Lilly, Cummins. It’s also the 10th largest agriculture state in the country. The state also boasts being the number 1 state in manufacturing in the nation. 

Several prestigious colleges are also scattered across the state, including Indiana University, Purdue, Butler, Notre Dame, Ball State, and Indiana State. These esteemed schools can also play a factor in the growing job market and opportunity in the state.

The wide variety of industries in Indiana provide plenty of jobs and appeal to a varying demographic.

A Family of Hoosiers

Based on the Movers Study, Indiana was the number 4 state people moved to for family-related reasons. 

According to MERIC, Indiana is in the top 10 states with a low cost of living index. This can be a very appealing draw for families who are looking for a more affordable living cost.

Cities like Indianapolis have a small-town feel, and college towns around the state provide a variety of activities for families to enjoy. The education available in the state is not only a factor for jobs, but for families as well.

Weathering the Move to Indiana

When you think of the four seasons, Indiana’s weather perfectly fits into the descriptions. Cold winters, humid summers, rainy springs, and perfect, crisp falls.

Indiana does experience bitter winters with freezing temperatures. But a successful winter move can still happen! Check out our moving tips in winter. Regardless of when you’re moving, it’s important to prepare for weather conditions and know about the area you’re going to. Browse United Van Lines’ tips and tricks to prepare for your move whether you will be traveling in winter, spring, summer or fall!

Where Are You Moving From?

No matter where you currently live, United Van Lines is here to help you relocate to Indiana. Maybe you’re moving to Indianapolis from across the country, or choosing a suburb and moving to Fishers, Indiana.

Whether long-distance or even down the street or across town, we can help with packing, providing storage, and moving day itself. For moves within the state, our local agents perform services under their own businesses’ independent authorities and names.

Ready to Move to Indiana?

If you’re ready to live in Indiana, using a professional moving company can make it a breeze. United Van Lines’ variety of services create an experience that’s catered to you.

View our moving services and complete an online quote to get started.

MyUnited Move Portal

United Van Lines makes it easy to coordinate your move to Indiana and stay organized along the way. The MyUnited Move Portal personalizes and streamlines your moving experience. Use customized tools to keep track of all major moving milestones, organize contacts, and book your move online.

Get started today with the expert movers at United Van Lines.  

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