Moving to Louisiana

Louisiana is known for its vibrant culture, Mardi Gras celebrations, delicious food, rich history, and The Big Easy. It’s also known as the Bayou state due to the marshes and streams woven throughout the state.

According to United Van Lines’ Annual Movers Study, Louisiana experienced inbound traffic of 47.3%. This is an increase of moves to the Bayou state compared to the inbound traffic rate of 45.3% during 2019.

If you’re considering a move to Louisiana, the moving experts at United Van Lines can help. Read on for tips, tricks, and advice of things to know before moving to make it a stress-free process.

Why Are People Moving to Louisiana?

United Van Lines conducts a yearly Movers study, gathering data based on household moves throughout the country. In 2020, Louisiana was the 35th most popular state people moved to.

Louisiana’s rich history and culture provides a variety of reasons for people to move, but the number one reason in 2020 was for a job. 52.6% of people cited that as their reason, with other large factors also including family (23.6%) and lifestyle (9.5%).

While jobs and family were reasons behind many moves, the ages of people moving to the state were more split across the board. Ages <18-34 were the highest with 15.1%, with others close behind: ages 35-44 (21.2%), 65+ (22.3%), 55-64 (21.7%), and 45-54 (19.8%). 

People move to Louisiana for a variety of reasons, or a combination of any of the reasons listed above. We focus on the number one reason below.

Jobs in Louisiana

Louisiana was the third most popular state people moved to for jobs in 2020. Two companies on the Fortune 500 list call Louisiana home, so this could be a large factor in the large percentage of people moving to the state for work. 

The state is also home to several esteemed schools. The students at Tulane, Louisiana State, Loyola, and other smaller schools could also account for the <18-34 age group moving for jobs. Some people might move to go to school and work in the state, or others may officially move and become residents after graduation. 

Louisiana’s unique climate and landscape of marshes, bayous, and not to mention the food, can create a captivating atmosphere for people. In a year like 2020, when many people were able to work from home, some could have chosen that home to be Louisiana, to enjoy a change of scenery.

Weathering the Move to Louisiana

The Bayou state is known for its humid subtropical climate, with mild, short winters. The location of Louisiana brings a lot of storms in the spring and summer, and ample amounts of rain. 

Louisiana does reach very high humidity, increasing the summer heat. The late spring and summer also brings tropical storm season and heavy rain is frequent. The spring and fall bring much more comfortable temperatures, and even the winter months are mild. No matter when or where you’re moving, it’s always important to check the weather ahead of time and prepare for anything. 

Browse United Van Lines’ tips and tricks for how to pack like a pro and make sure your items are safe, no matter the weather.

Where Are You Moving From?

No matter where you currently call home, United Van Lines is here to help you move to your new one. If you’re moving from Texas to Louisiana or moving across the country to New Orleans, we can help, no matter the distance. From packing, providing storage, to moving day itself, United Van Lines’ long-distance movers are ready to assist. 

Moving down the street or across town? Our local movers provide services under their own businesses’ independent authorities and names for moves within the state.

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