Moving to South Carolina

South Carolina is known for its history, beautiful beaches and mountain ranges. The Palmetto State has something for everybody. 

According to United Van Lines 45th Annual Mover Study, South Carolina was the third most popular state for movers in 2021. South Carolina had inbound traffic of 63% in 2021.

Living in South Carolina is attractive for many reasons. Thinking about moving to South Carolina? Learn more about moving to South Carolina and find out if the Palmetto State is right for you.  

Why Are People Moving to South Carolina?

According to the latest United Annual Movers Study, retirement was the number one reason people moved to South Carolina in 2021. Among those who moved, 36.5% cited retirement. Family brought 28.8% of movers to the state. Lifestyle (23.6%) and jobs (19.2%) were other key factors driving people to South Carolina. 

Older individuals are more likely to move to South Carolina. Of movers, 68% were older than age 55.

Retiring in South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the top retirement destinations in the country. For retirees, beautiful coastal towns like Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Hilton Head are attractive. Movers here enjoy a slower pace of life and southern hospitality unmatched in many states. 

Cost of living in the state is below the national average. South Carolina residents may also be exempt from paying taxes on social security benefits and estate tax; however, you should consult with a tax professional to learn more about how this applies to your unique circumstances. 

South Carolina is an attractive choice for active seniors. Many retirement communities are near the ocean, scenic mountain ranges, national parks or one of 360 beautiful golf courses.

The state is also full of history. Many of the historic sites in South Carolina that may be of interest to movers date to the Civil War. Popular attractions include Fort Sumter National Monument, Huntington Beach State Park and the Historic Charleston market. 

The natural beauty of the state allows for tree lined streets and a variety of activities. South Carolina has something for all retirees to enjoy, and has plenty of amenities to enjoy with visiting grandchildren. 

Retiring in South Carolina also provides excellent education opportunities. At state universities, including the University of South Carolina, residents 60 and older may be exempt from paying tuition fees. In South Carolina, eligible seniors may finish a degree, get a degree or learn for fun all at no tuition cost to them. 

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why South Carolina is a popular retirement destination.

Weather in South Carolina

Hockey fans moving to South Carolina may be familiar with the Carolina Hurricanes franchise located in Raleigh, North Carolina. There is a reason they’re called that. 

South Carolina, like its sister state to the north, is not immune to hurricanes and tropical storms. 

Hurricane season in South Carolina runs from June through November, and peaks in August and September. Summers in South Carolina can get very warm, with day temperatures averaging around 90 degrees

Winters are mild, as they are in most Southern states. January is the coldest month in the state, with daytime highs averaging between 44 degrees and 60 degrees. 

Along the coast, temperatures rarely fall below freezing. Overnight lows below freezing during January are common in the Midlands. Upstate, winter lows can fall further below freezing. 

South Carolina is beautiful year-round, but the spring (March through May) is the best time to move to South Carolina. Typically, April and May are dry months with low humidity, comfortable temperatures and ample daylight. 

Movers may want to avoid peak hurricane season, but depending on the reason for your move, that may not be possible. Regardless of when you move, United Van Lines can help you get your valuables to South Carolina safe and undamaged. Learn how to pack like a pro with these helpful packing tips from United Van Lines.

Where Are You Moving From?

South Carolina is a popular destination for long-distance moves.  Whether you are moving from New York or from California to South Carolina, United Van Lines can help get you here. Our local South Carolina movers can also help with shorter distances, if you are moving within the Palmetto State.

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Thinking about moving soon and “got Carolina on your mind”? Make it a reality with help from a professional moving company. Start planning your move to South Carolina today. United Van Lines has a variety of moving services and plans to suit any lifestyle or budget. View our moving services and complete an online quote to get started.   

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