Under Sink Organization: Ways to Maximize Your Space 

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You know that little area under your kitchen sink — the one that starts out neat and tidy but often ends up a jumbled mess of cleaning supplies, sponges, bags and who knows what else? Yeah, that spot. It turns out with a little effort you can transform that wasted space into an organized storage spot. After all, every inch of space counts in most kitchens.  

The secret is using matching containers and vertical space to keep everything visible and within easy reach. No more digging through piles of stuff with your head crammed in the cabinet.  

A few simple products and a bit of time is all it takes to make the most of the space under your sink and keep your kitchen looking pulled together.  

Tips for Organizing the Area Under Your Sink 

Keeping the area under your sink neat and organized is key to avoiding chaos in your kitchen.  

Toss or Donate Unnecessary Items 

A clean sweep will give you a fresh start and more room to organize what’s left. Go through everything under your sink and get rid of anything old, expired or you do not use. Donate or recycle what you can. 

Group Similar Items Together 

Store all cleaning supplies in one area, containers in another and tools in a third section so everything is easy to find when you need it. 

Use Matching Bins and Baskets 

Invest in a set of bins, baskets and containers in varied sizes to corral smaller items. Not only will this keep everything tidy – it also lets you pull out one bin at a time to access what you need, while giving the space a cohesive look. 

Install Shelves 

Shelves are ideal for items you use regularly but still want off the floor, like scrub brushes, gloves and cleaning rags. If there is enough height, install one or more shelves to double your storage space. 

Add Hooks 

Adhesive or magnetic hooks are great for hanging tools with handles like mops, brooms and dusters, freeing up space and putting tools within easy reach. 

Enlist a Lazy Susan 

Lazy Susans help make the most of awkward corner spaces. Place one under your sink to store spray bottles, hand soaps, hand lotions or cleaning products. Then, give it a quick spin to find what you need. 

Hanging Racks 

Hanging racks attach to the back of cabinet doors or walls to keep spray bottles, scrub brushes and dusters off the countertop. If space allows, use multiple racks at varying heights to create layers of storage and arrange items by type or frequency of use. 

Following these tips will transform the chaotic space under your sink into an organized oasis. Keeping everything in its place means no more digging around in a messy cabinet and quicker access to what you need when cleaning and tidying up.  

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