What to Consider for a Mudroom Redo

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In many homes, the mudroom—that transitional area between outside and inside that’s not quite a room but not really a hallway—is often an afterthought. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, a well-organized and attractive mudroom can be a real asset to your home, as well as a selling point to potential buyers in the future. If your mudroom is in need of some TLC, here’s a brief Q&A to get you inspired. 

Look at What You Have to Work With 

Mudrooms come in all shapes and sizes, from spacious to compact. And in addition to coat and boot storage, they often do double duty as a utility or laundry room or even a garden center. Whatever the current setup, your first step should be to determine how well the space is working for you right now. Then you’ll have a better idea of the specific renovations needed to make your mudroom as useful and organized as possible. 

Start by asking a few questions. 

Is There Space for Coats, Shoes, and Other Outdoor Clothing?  

After all, providing a place to store items you’ll be changing out of (or into) is why you have a mudroom in the first place. For families, lockers are a good solution since they provide separate storage spaces for each person. Open shelving is great for storage baskets, bins, and small items like gloves. For heavy coats, consider cabinets with hooks and rods. Wall-mounted pegs will do the trick if space is tight.  

Can I Sit Down?  

If there’s no place where you can take off your shoes or boots, your mudroom isn’t working as hard as it should. Seating doesn’t have to be an elaborate or expensive solution. Even a simple bench with storage underneath will do just fine.  

Is The Floor Easy to Clean?  

Here’s a word of advice: If your mudroom is carpeted wall to wall, now’s the time to replace it with something more rugged. Ceramic or porcelain tile, slate, granite, and even concrete are ideal for a mudroom. They can handle wet shoes and heavy foot traffic and are easy to sweep, mop and wipe clean. Look for non-slip finishes and tie it all together with an area rug, preferably made of a natural fiber like coir, jute or sisal which you can shake out to get rid of dirt. Avoid deep pile or shag area rugs which attract dirt and are difficult to maintain. 

Paint, Paneling or Wallpaper? 

Since it’s sort of an “in-between” passage between outside and in, the mudroom can be subject to its own unique temperature fluctuations and weather extremes. In short, wall surfaces that are a bit more “forgiving,” such as tile, stone, brick or water-resistant paneling will work best; however, drywall can also work if it’s properly primed and has a durable satin or semi-gloss finish. Hint: Unless the mudroom is somewhat sheltered, it’s best to avoid wallpaper which can peel and warp in humid, high-traffic areas. Need help choosing a color scheme? Check out these tips

What Else Would Be Nice to Have? 

With the tremendous increase in online shopping, many homeowners have picked up on a new trend to make their mudroom function as a “delivery waystation” for unboxing items before bringing them into the home. In addition to providing additional protection from the weather, a waystation setup can be a strong deterrent against “porch pirates” and other annoyances.  

Another increasingly popular mudroom feature is a pet feeding station incorporating built in bowls and dishes, as well as cabinet space for pet food, toys, pet coats, leashes, etc. This way, all pet needs are consolidated into one place—and you’ll never go looking for a lost leash or pet sweater again. 

In the end, how you envision your mudroom is all up to you and your imagination. The most important thing is that it fits your own unique needs. Have fun—and enjoy the transformation. 

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