When Your Summer Place Becomes Your Main Residence

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There’s a Summer Place 
Where It May Rain or Storm 
Yet I’m Safe and Warm…  

― Theme from “A Summer Place”

At some point, getting away from it all may mean making the decision to follow your dreams to a special place full of fond memories…and for a lot of you, that place is your summer home. While the decision to relocate full-time to your vacation home may seem like a no-brainer, there are several things you’ll need to think about and plan for before it’s time to move. In this article, we’ll take you briefly through some of what you’ll need to consider. 

Put a Plan in Place 

Every move comes with a set of to-dos that you’ll need to stay on top of. To help you, United Van Lines has put together a downloadable, eight-week move checklist that takes you step-by-step through the entire process.  

Of course, since you’ll be moving from your primary residence into a space that’s already furnished, you’ll also need to think carefully about what (if any) items you’ll be bringing with you. While you’re at it, take a look some useful tips for packing your things with care. 

Downsize Your Possessions 

Your summer home already has its own furniture, appliances and other items. Therefore, a good first step would be conducting a thorough inventory of the duplicate possessions in each space and making some firm decisions about which items you’ll keep.  

For example, if the vacation property has better cookware or appliances, you’ll want to keep those and sell, donate or discard the ones in your primary residence. The same goes for the towels, linens, lawncare tools and other items found in both spaces. If your vacation home is in a different type of climate, you may want to rethink elements of your wardrobe and get rid of clothing that’s no longer weather-appropriate.  

To get all this done efficiently, you might consider holding a garage sale or even an auction at one or both properties. 

Curate the Decor and the Floorplan 

Chances are the decor and furnishings in your summer home are geared towards casual living. If your vacation home is near the ocean, on a mountaintop or in a resort community, you’ll need to think about how comfortably the items from your primary residence will “fit” into their new surroundings and pivot accordingly. The same goes for wall art and even the colors of the different rooms. Check out the blogs we have to help you tackle some typical decorating challenges, including ways to use your wall space to its best advantage.  

Something else to think about is how you’ll be using the space. For example, will you be converting a bedroom into a home office or transforming a screened porch into a year-round room? Taking pictures of your summer home’s interior or sketching out a basic floorplan might help you make these decisions more easily. 

Get Acquainted with Your Community   

The shift from being one of the “summer people” to becoming a full-time resident has its own unique challenges. Many resort locations are fully populated during the in-season but dwindle down to a core community of year-rounders for long portions of the year. Even stores and restaurants may close or operate on abbreviated schedules, so it’s wise to do a little online investigating in terms of off-season services and amenities. Whether or not this “seasonality” applies in your case, take a look at some of the best ways to meet the neighbors once you’ve arrived.  

Avoid Surprises 

For a lot of people, the most significant issues related to moving year-round into a summer home aren’t matters of décor or downsizing. This type of move may also have specific legal and tax implications that go along with it.  Although we are not tax experts and are not offering tax advice, you should consider obtaining additional information and advice from legal and/or financial advisers who are fully aware of your individual circumstances. 

Consider Hiring a Professional Moving Company 

Moving requires a lot of planning, even when you move to a familiar place like your summer home permanently. So why don’t you let professional movers at United Van Lines take care of the heavy lifting for you? United’s full-service moving packages provide flexibility to mix and match the services our customers need, from packing and unpacking to standard furniture placement.  

Get a quote from United Van Lines today.  

Do you need help settling in? Check out our other blogs for moving tips and packing advice, as well as city guides and a wealth of other helpful, time-saving information. 

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