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Your Move Coordinator: Role and Responsibilities

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What’s a typical day like for one of our move coordinators? Jennifer gives us a first-person look at a day in her life.

Your move coordinator serves as the vital link between you, the van operator and your treasured possessions. And as you might expect, the role is as challenging as it is rewarding. But why does a typical day for a move coordinator look like? We went right to the source.  

Since 2012, Jennifer has been working as a move coordinator for a United Van Lines agent in Southern California. We recently sat down with her for a chat about what she does, while getting some useful tips for making a move go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Here’s her POV. 

What are your main responsibilities? 

My day starts early — 6 a.m. — when I log on so see where my drivers are. Then, I pass that information on to our customers. I also make sure our drivers are assigned to orders and determine when they will arrive to deliver the customer’s possessions. 

Around 8 a.m., I start reaching out to new customers to set expectations and let them know what will happen during their move. After that, I call existing customers to update them about the status of their packing, loading or delivery, and let them know when they can expect the crew to show up. In between, I deal with issues like unpacked items and weight overages that the crews need to take care of. Whatever the situation, I’m always upfront and honest. Some stuff we can control, other stuff we can’t. 

What skills or qualities are needed to be successful in the role? 

Above all, you need patience combined with a lot of empathy, a bit of diplomacy and, of course, follow-through. You must be prepared for almost anything, so it’s important to be resourceful and able to deal with situations in real time. I try to find ways to rectify everything quickly — and offer solutions that work for all parties involved. 

How many clients do you work with on a typical day? 

It really depends on the day and especially the time of year. Today I’ve already gotten four new customers, plus the others who are moving need updates. Our peak moving season, between May and September, is much busier. I could easily reach out to 100 customers over the course of a day via email and by phone. Sometimes, I am logged on as early as 4:30 a.m. 

What do you like best about the job? 

All of my customers are going through a stressful time, since they’re moving to an unfamiliar place. I help reunite them with the things they love.  They’re relieved, happy, and grateful, and so am I. 

Any advice you’d like to give customers? 

You’d be surprised by how many people put items that they should take along with them into the moving truck. Make sure you have the keys to your car, enough clothing … and your shoes! 

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