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Moving and Packing - Video Library

Check out our collection of helpful videos designed to make your move smooth and easy. Regardless if you are packing yourself or having your moving company take care of everything for you, we have compiled professional packing tips and moving hacks for convenient viewing here!

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Home maintenance for spring - Organizing clothes - United Van Lines

Home Maintenance for Spring: Inside and Out

Getting your home in shape for spring doesn’t have to be a hassle. Check out our tips and tricks.
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van parking at a national park

Nomadic Living: Saying Goodbye to the Typical Home

Always dream of a life on the road? Whatever your stage in life — and for however short-term or long — we can help you make the move.
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What to Consider for a Mudroom Redo

Is your mudroom looking a bit muddled? Check out some tips for making the most of the space.
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Are You Brave Enough for a Unique Home?

Considering going against the grain? Moving to an atypical home has its pluses and challenges.
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plant-based kitchen

The Essentials of Plant-based Kitchen Design

You don’t have to be a vegetarian or vegan to reap the rewards of plant-based kitchen design. Learn everything you need to know about creating an organic space.
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organized under-the-sink area

Under Sink Organization: Ways to Maximize Your Space 

Time to tackle the space under your sink? With a few simple tips and tricks, it’s easier than you’d think.
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maintenance for appliances

Routine Maintenance for Major Appliances

Check out some helpful tips for keeping your fridge, dishwasher and other major appliances in tip-top shape.
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kitchen renovation

Setting Goals for a Home Renovation Project

Did your small DIY project become bigger than you bargained for? Check out our tips for getting the work done right.
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clustering decor trend

The Rise of Clustering: How Grouped Accents Elevate Your Space

Ready to decorate your new walls? Consider clustering your decor to showcase your personal style.
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How to Pick a Contractor 

Check out some tips for finding a contractor who won’t leave you holding the hammer.
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suburban homes

What You Should Know About Having an HOA 

Living in an HOA-governed community has definite benefits—and drawbacks. Check out a few facts to help you decide whether an HOA is a good fit.
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Packing for donations

Charities That Offer Free Donation Pickup 

Do you have items to donate, but can’t drop them off? Check out our list of charities that will pick up donations from your home.
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