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Proud and Humbled to be #1
United Van Lines is America’s #1 moving company. This is a title that humbles our long-standing moving company, as well as our employees. We work daily to uphold our legacy as the nation’s top movers by offering unmatched, white-glove long-distance moving services to customers all across the U.S.

There are so many long-distance moving companies out there. Why should I pick United Van Lines?
United Van Lines has led the moving industry in premium long-distance moving services for nearly 100 years. Over that period of time, these long-distance movers have evolved, integrating the latest in technology, sophisticated customer service best practices and safety standards that put people first. When it comes to a long-distance move, we have it all. We have the experience, the people, the technology and we are #1. If you are seeking an experienced moving company that puts customers first, start your moving quote today with United Van Lines.

Experts in Long-Distance Moving
Known for our ability to provide expert packing, loading and moving services to people all across the country, United Van Lines’ long-distance movers have gained quite the reputation in the moving industry. We continue to highlight our customer-focus through the development of new technology and processes so that we can provide customers with a seamless, easy and unforgettable long-distance moving experience. We understand that moving far away can be stressful and emotional and that is where we step in, apply our specialized knowledge and do what we do best – move you into your new home in an efficient, professional and stress-free way.

United Van Lines Simplifies Long-Distance Moving
Moving long-distance is not typically something you associate with the word, “easy.” Our long-distance movers remove the time-consuming tasks and complexity out of the equation for you by exercising over 98 years of moving experience and offering you best-in-class service for your long-haul move. Our processes are streamlined and our team is expertly trained. Everything from providing you with your moving estimate to reviewing what services best fit your needs, from coordinating with you every step of the way to prepping you and walking you through moving day, United Van Lines is here to take the weight off of your shoulders, no matter the distance.

Long-Distance Moving with United Van Lines v. Moving Containers
Many people choose to utilize other moving options, such as moving containers, moving containers or storage units when faced with the overwhelming task of moving long distance. While using some of these non-traditional, DIY methods may seem appealing, United Van Lines offers long-distance moving services that are catered to your specific and unique moving needs, including storage, packing, cleaning, technology installation and more. In doing this, much of the labor and, more importantly, time becomes the responsibility of our long-distance movers, giving you the ability to more carefully focus on the things that matter most during this life transition, such as preparing with your family, making accommodations for your pets, saying goodbye to friends and managing work responsibilities.

What to Look for When Researching Long-Distance Movers

  • Every long-distance move is different. Every move involves varying needs. Ensure that the long-distance movers that you vet have the ability and experience to provide the services that you need, as well as the flexibility to allow you to be autonomous in selecting or declining add-on services.
  • Do your research. With so many different options in the moving market, it is hard to determine which is best, most cost-effective and most appropriate for what you need. However, it is also important to understand the legitimacy of the business that you trust with all of your belongings. We have seen customers fall victim to fly-by-night movers who simply take your money and run. To avoid a moving scam, make sure to ask questions, ask for documentation and be aware, during the research phase of the decision-making process, that this is a trending scam. Check out our tips for avoiding moving scams.
  • Ensure that the long-distance moving company that you select is authorized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The long-distance movers that you choose should have a U.S. DOT number assigned and be able to ask any questions you have about their credentials. Understand what your rights and responsibilities are as a moving customer.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable with the level of communication that the long-distance mover offers. The availability of your move coordinator should be an important factor for you to assess. You should be able to contact your point person for questions, changes and support all along the way.

What is the cost of a long-distance move?
We strive to provide our customers with a quick and transparent moving quote process. Our process is simple and is designed to be customer-centric. The list below provides insight as to the various factors that we take into account when developing your moving cost estimate:

  1. Date of your move
  2. Distance of your move
  3. Weight of your belongings
  4. Packing and other add-on services

Start your easy long-distance moving quote today.

How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move
The below list is an abbreviated version of our comprehensive long-distance moving planning checklist.

  1. Schedule your in-home estimate for a representative to survey the items in your home.
  2. Officially book your move date and finalize your move documents.
  3. Ensure that you have changed your address with the U.S. Postal Service, as well as all entities that mail documents to your home (credit card companies, insurance companies, physicians’ offices, your employer, etc.).
  4. Donate and/or sell items that you no longer need/want. This will help to get you organized and downsize some of the clutter that most of us have.
  5. Determine your packing needs. Are you going to pack your items, have someone else pack for you or, perhaps, both?
  6. Prepare your home for your movers by ridding any walkways of clutter and setting aside special items or breakables.
  7. Do not forget to have a place for your pets while the move is occurring whether that be a kennel or the home of a friend or family member.
  8. Make sure to transfer your utilities out of your name at your current home and have a date set for your utilities at your new home to be turned on.

We truly are confident and proud of United Van Lines’ mark on the long-distance moving industry and look to the future to build this ever-changing market so that we can continue to help our customers during this significant life change.

Long-Distance Moving Services

United Van Lines movers are proud to offer a premium full-service moving option. As leaders in long-distance moving, we offer competitive pricing, terms, protection and services.

When you hire United for a long-distance move, we can take care of everything from packing and transporting to placing items in your new home. Our full-service options take the hassle and worry out of the moving process, leaving you free to manage other priorities.

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Moving & Storage

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Moving Quotes

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Get a long-distance moving quote from United to help budget your move. An in-home survey will identify the moving package that meets your needs.

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