Planning Tips For Move Out Day

It’s finally here — moving day! You’ve done your due diligence throughout the move process, from decluttering your house to organizing and packing all your belongings. Your careful preparation is about to pay off as you anticipate a smooth day of moving out and on to your next adventure.

However, even the best of planners may feel a bit overwhelmed on the day of the scheduled move. At United, we understand there are numerous tasks to coordinate and consider on moving day. That’s why we created this easy-to-follow moving day guide that breaks it down for you. From the early morning hours to the evening, these moving day tips will help ensure your day is a seamless experience.

Not quite ready for move day? Preparation is key to a successful, stress-free move. And if you’ve hired a professional moving company like United, your move coordinator will be there to answer any questions you may have leading up to the big day and can also provide you with other essential checklists along the way.

List Of Things To Do

Review Your Running “To Do” List

While you were busy packing and preparing for your move, there may have been some tasks that were pushed aside. To avoid any hiccups or oversights on the day of your move, keep a running list of items that need to be addressed before you move out.

Have a pen and pad of paper handy to jot your “to-dos” down as soon as you think of it; this will help reduce the stress of trying to remember every little thing that needs to be accomplished on such a busy day.


Get Up Early

Although it will be an exciting day, moving day will also be a long one. Try to go to bed as early as possible the night before to get a solid night’s sleep. If you are moving in the summer and/or where it can get dangerously hot by mid-afternoon, it will be especially important to take advantage of the milder morning hour temperatures to do the heavy lifting.

Dress Comfortably  

Even if you have hired movers to do all the heavy lifting, you will want to wear comfortable clothes for move-out day. Try to avoid clothing that could get snagged or caught on something. Closed-toed shoes with anti-slip soles that are practical and breathable are your best choice for moving day footwear.

Make sure to check the weather the night before so you can dress accordingly. Dressing in light, breathable clothing is a must when it comes to moving in the summer. Avoid dark-colored clothing that absorbs the heat. Instead, plan to wear light-colors, including whites and neutrals. If you are moving in the winter, dress in layers and have extra gloves close at hand.

Take Children and Pets To Their Pre-Arranged Drop-off

Moving day is already hectic enough. It’s important to make arrangements ahead of time for your children or pets. Set those plans into motion first thing in the morning on moving day so you can concentrate on the details of your move.

Need more information on moving with children or pets? The following checklists will provide you with the peace of mind you need to help ensure a smooth transition:

Welcome Your Movers

Whether you’ve hired professional movers or have family and friends helping you, be sure to greet them when they arrive. Provide them with any important information about your property and discuss any concerns you may have about the moving process. Be prepared to direct movers to rooms and how to handle specific items of note.

Place items you want close to you and that should travel separately from the moving truck in your vehicle or a designated area of your home. Make sure to let the movers know that those items are not to be packed in the moving van. See our Pack Separately Checklist for additional tips.

If you have hired professional movers, make sure you have not packed any items your moving company cannot transport. For a list of items United cannot move, refer to our restricted items checklist.


Complete Any Last Minute Packing

Plan on packing some items on the day of the actual move. These include things that were needed the night before such as toiletries, bedding and clothing, as well as items needed for the day of the move and the first night in your new residence: snacks, chargers, electronics, cleaning supplies, etc.  

Navigating the first night in your new home can be difficult without the right supplies. We recommend you pack a “first night” box with items you’ll need for basic unpacking, cleaning, eating and hygiene. This box of essentials should travel with you, or if that’s not possible, it should be the last box loaded onto the moving truck.

Afternoon And Evening

Review and Sign Any Necessary Paperwork

If you hired United for your move, make sure you sign the Bill of Lading and, if applicable, complete your High-Value Inventory Form; this form should include any items that are worth more than $100 per pound. If you have any questions, contact your move coordinator.

Clean Up and Take Out The Trash

It’s always a good idea to leave your old home in the condition you would want to find your new home in. That’s just good karma!

Do a Final Walkthrough

Before the moving truck leaves your home, do one last check for anything that might have been left behind. Go room to room, checking in cabinets and closets. Be sure to check attics, storage sheds and basements.

Right before you leave the house, turn off all lights, your furnace and your air conditioner. Lock your windows and doors and leave behind your keys and garage door openers for the new occupants.

Load Your Essentials and Head to Your New Place!

Now is the time to grab those box(s) you set aside to travel with you (in your vehicle) and hit the road!  

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