National Parks to Visit During a Cross-Country Move 

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Let’s be honest: It’s always a good time of year to visit a national park. Whether you favor cold weather adventures or nature hikes to see springtime come alive, there is an adventure to be had. Offering picturesque — make that jaw-dropping — panoramas, wondrous wildlife sightings and educational enrichment, these U.S. treasures are a sight to behold.  

That’s why we’re big advocates of visiting them whenever and wherever we can. That includes during a cross-country move. Our National Parks Guides advocate for just that — using these wide-open spaces to stretch your legs, settle your mind and prepare you for your new chapter in life. 

Moving during the summer? It’s a great time to turn the drive to your new home into a national park adventure

If you’re moving out West, the world is your oyster, whether you visit one or all of Utah’s Mighty Five, the massive Grand Canyon or the country’s breathtaking coastal wonders.  

Do be aware that national parks of the interior west get hot — very, very hot — during the summer months. This is also the most popular time to visit them, meaning you’ll share the trails with throngs of tourists, leading to traffic jams and hotels that are booked well in advance.  

Those who are headed to the Southeast have great options, too — just be forewarned that hot, humid weather will prevail at spots like the Everglades and Biscayne Bay. That said, it’s prime time to visit Dry Tortugas National Park — if you have enough free time to take a ferry or seaplane to get there! 

Summer is also an ideal time to hit the national parks in the Midwest, whether it’s the dunes in Indiana, Ellsworth Rock Gardens on the shores of Lake Kabetogama or the wolf haven of Isle Royale in Michigan, which is only open April 16 through October 31.  

Have outdoor gear that you’re moving from point A to point B? You can either let us handle your bulky, hard-to-move gear — like kayaks, canoes or even an RV. Or you can strap on your boat and oars, transporting them yourself pausing to use them during your long-distance move. 

Ready to start exploring? Our interactive, downloadable and shareable guides are ready and waiting: 

Ultimately, where you’re headed during your move determines the options at play. Visiting some national parks enroute to your new home can help your arrival coincide with when your belongings arrive. 

And once you do? These guides are a great way to strike out and explore the amenities near and around your new abode. Looking for more ways to explore your new neighborhood? Be sure to check out our state and city guides for ideas. And don’t forget to check out our blog for great ideas to help you settle in and make your new house a home. 

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