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Congratulations! You’ve put in the work, planned your move in careful steps, gotten rid of a lot of extra stuff and said your goodbyes. And if you picked a reliable mover like United, you know your possessions are in capable hands. However, there are a few things you might be overlooking — namely yourself, your loved ones, and the time and space to mentally prepare for what’s ahead. No matter how well you planned, you’re probably feeling a little stressed. You deserve, and frankly need, a break — so why not make the drive to your new place an adventure in and of itself? 

Chances are, there may be a window of time between when you get to your new home and the moving van pulls up.   

Our suggestion? Pack like you’re going on vacation. Put the kayak or canoe on the roof, your outdoor gear in the trunk, sturdy shoes on your feet and embrace the wide-open spaces, such as lands managed by our National Park Service. Have an RV? Take it on the road or leave that to us, too. Whatever you do or don’t decide to DIY, we’re here to support your journey exactly as you need. 

Whether you have time for an extended road trip or just want a few hours to reenergize, unwind or even take a short hike, United’s national park guides will help you create memories to cherish long after your move day. Our guides are colorful, downloadable and packed with inside information that can help you plan a mini vacation enroute to your new home, a jaunt near your new address or even a bigger getaway once you’ve settled in. While you’re at it, why not share them with your friends and loved ones? No doubt they’ll enjoy seeing the journey you’ve mapped out: 

West Coast   






Rest assured, United can deal with virtually anything you don’t want with you in the car — including awkwardly shaped outdoor gear you won’t use enroute or items you simply don’t have the space for. 

Backed by nearly 100 years of moving expertise, we can handle just about any type of cargo – even cars and kayaks – with a customized, high-touch approach. No matter what type of long-distance move you have in mind, we’ll take care of the tough stuff so you don’t have to.   

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